Credit: Getty Images

The newly crowned Miss USA 2016, District of Columbia's Deshauna Barber, is a #confidentlybeautiful force to be reckoned with. Not only did she earn that coveted, sparkly crown, but she's also a fierce US Army Officer. Barber also has incredible hair, and luckily for you, we were backstage at Miss USA 2016 to get the inside scoop on the reigning queen's personal hair routine.

"I'm not really big on curling my own hair, so I like to use flexi rods every night," she tells us. Flexi rods are soft, bendable rollers that you hair around and let set. They're a no-heat alternative to a traditional curling iron or wand.

"I really only need six large ones, and I make sure that I roll the rods away from my face on either side of my head and then tie up the rods," she expains. "Then, I put on a satin cap before going to bed and wake up and have curls." Barber added that she sometimes pincurls the top sections of her hair, but that usually the flexi rods are sufficient.