Credit: Instagram

Hair artists are doing some seriously magical things when it comes to hair color. We've seen dyed undercuts that look like pieces of artwork, colors so unique that we're not sure you could recreate the same hue twice, and now a "hidden" or "surprise" hair color trend that's filling up our Instagram feeds with the kind of enchanting color spectrums that belong in some far off dreamland.

The idea seems to be to have a primary color on top, and then a "surprise" color that's revealed when you lift up or style your hair.

NYC-base hairstylist says she loved creating this "icy white" hair color filled with pink and peach "starburst surprises." That updo is everything.

This hairstyle was created by colorist @hairbykaseyoh, who says that her client needed to have "normal hair," but still wanted to have fun with her color.

Platinum and fuschia go together brilliantly, as you can see, and we love the twisted, casual updo that shows off the color underneath.

This dye job has more color than an episode of My Little Ponies, and that's why we can't get enough of it. So, so good.