The Sunscreen Mist That Won’t Mess Up Your Makeup Is Finally Back in Stock

This Sunscreen Mist That Won't Mess Up Your Makeup Sold Out in Five Minutes Flat

But you can still pre-order a bottle now.
By Christie Calucchia
May 06, 2021 @ 3:25 pm
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Sunscreen is not just for a day at the beach. No, it should be applied daily - rain or shine - as part of a morning skincare routine. I've been writing about beauty products for years, and I hear the same advice from dermatologists over and over again. Yet, I'm still perfecting the art of actually slathering on SPF daily.

The many excuses I use to justify skipping this vital skincare step include but are not limited to: I'm not leaving the house, so why bother; I'll only be outside for a few minutes; and I already put on my makeup. In a bid to squash common rationalizations like these, the skincare brand Habit created a sunscreen spray for your face that takes seconds to apply to bare skin or over makeup. It's called the No 41 Mister, and although it's only been available for less than a year, it sold out in April and quickly racked up a 2,000-person long waitlist. And after the most recent restock, it sold out again in just five minutes. Luckily, you can still pre-order a bottle today.

The touchless mist offers broad spectrum protection with SPF 41, is vegan and cruelty-free, and meets Sephora's clean beauty standards. Unlike the thick, gloopy sunscreen lotions of the past, this elegant spray emits a thin mist that quickly sets into the skin without disrupting makeup. 

To apply, simply close your eyes and mouth, pull back your hair, and mist the sunscreen evenly on your face, neck, and chest. Habit recommends giving the bottle seven spirits from about 10 inches away from the skin. Keep your eyes closed for three seconds to let the mist settle, then get on with your day. You don't even have to rub it in, but you should reapply every two hours.

Habit N°41 MISTER
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It sounds too good to be true, but after testing it out for myself, I can confirm that it's a breeze to apply and truly won't mess up makeup. It also won't leave behind an oily residue or a smell that will make you feel like a tween at a waterpark. Instead, you'll get notes of rose geranium, lavender, and rosemary after spritzing it on.  

More customers agree the sunscreen spray is easy to apply, feels lightweight, and doesn't ruin makeup. It's even made the rounds on TikTok (the relatively new brand has more than 125,000 followers and its clips have hundreds of thousands of views), so you know it's worth a try.

"I keep her in my bag and take her to work with me," one reviewer wrote. "I love how easy she makes it to reapply my SPF!"

"No excuses for skipping sunscreen now," said another.

If you're ready to make 2021 the year you finally apply sunscreen daily, pre-order a bottle of Habit's No 41 Mister before it sells out again.