It’s okay to be confused.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Apr 27, 2016 @ 6:45 am
Guys, Someone Is Trying to Make Erasable Permanent Tattoo Ink Happen
Credit: Meegan Zimmerman/Getty Images

Even for the biggest tattoo fan, getting inked is a bit of a gamble. What the artist produces may or may not coordinate with your vision, or in another six months you may realize that having your now ex’s name tattooed around your ring finger was a really, really bad idea. A group of NYU chemical engineers feel for you, which is why they’ve been developing a new type of ink that, while permanent, also has a removal solution that gets rid of an unwanted tat without the pain of laser removal.

How can tattoo ink be both permanent and easy to remove? It ain’t easy, which is why the magical stuff, called Ephemeral, is still in development. Once perfected, the team says regular tattoo artists will be able to use it with their existing equipment, which sounds like a pretty amazing deal for all parties involved.

Considering the tattoo industry continues to boom, think about how much more business they’ll receive if the ink they’re using can be so easily wiped away if regret ever sets in. People will be way more likely to give a tattoo a chance if they know it isn’t going to be equally as pricey (and even more painful) to remove it if they need to. It’s a win for all.