Going Through a Breakup? Three Ways to Make Your Skin Absolutely Glow Regardless

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We've all been there; the epic breakup. Not only do you feel like you will never survive without him (trust us, you WILL), but after a breakup you likely feel at an all-time low. We lose our appetites eat everything in sight, can't sleep at night, and the tears are flowing a la Elle Woods like a faucet that just won't shut off. Aka, sallow skin, dark circles, and breakouts ensue (as if we're not already going through enough). Alas, it's time to get off the couch, throw away the Kleenex box and treat thee to something nice for yourself. We tapped skin guru Lauren Abramowitz, founder of Park Avenue Skin Solutions, to share the best treatments to get if your skin is in need of some TLC. Why? Because her skin is flawless, she's the coolest person on the planet, and we want to move into her gorgeous, brand-new TribeCa loft-like office. This powerful treatment trio below will boost your confidence and get that elusive glow back, exactly what the doctor ordered.

Step 1: Chemical Peel

"When going through a breakup a chemical peel is a great way to shed a layer of the skin," Abramowitz says. "As the top layer of the skin is shed, the layers beneath come to the surface and increase collagen production. Ultimately a Chemical Peel is a deep cleaning of the skin. It also helps with acne, melasma as well as hyperpigmentation."

Lumecca Treatments

Lumecca (Intense Pulsed Light) will help clear up any broken capillaries one may get from stress (crying from a break up), which makes it perfect for that post-breakup clean-up. "Lumecca treatments shrink pore size, evens out skin tone, and diminish any unwanted pigment resulting in a radiant glow," she tells InStyle.


Use your own plasma paired with microneedling to regenerate your skin (it's one of the hottest beauty treatments of the season). "Microneedling brightens up your skin and replaces growth factors which triggers new collagen," she says. "The end result- smoother, tighter, brighter, rejuvenated skin."

If you're not quite ready to leave the bellows of your apartment yet, you can get started on that glow at home with a brightening mask. Our choice is Ole Henriksen Power Peel ($18, sephora.com). We get compliments on our skin literally every time we use this, so it's a great place to start. But the above will get you glowing and back on the market in no time. Trust.

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