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Credit: ameliaasays/Instagram

And it's not even their birthday.

In collaboration with Momofuku's now-infamous (or Instafamous) Milk Bar, everyone's favorite, milennial pink-wearing, cool-girl beauty brand is launching a Birthday Balm Dotcom flavored like the bakery's famed Birthday Cake. As a nod to the rainbow sprinkles you'd typically find baked within, the brand has infused the clear balm with tiny holographic glitters. The balm's exterior is appropriately decked out in a silver, kaleidoscope-esque stripe, which we've been spotting all over the Instagram feeds of Glossier reps over the past 24 hours.

VIDEO: I'm Obsessed: Glossier Flavored Balm Dotcom

A few tubes have landed over on our desks over here at InStyle HQ, and we can confirm—it does taste and smell like Milk Bar's Birthday Cake, and has the subtlest amount of shimmer. We've already covered our lips in the stuff (and actually keep licking it off, FYI), smeared some on our eyelids to make them appear all dewy and glossy, and dabbed a small amount over our highlighter.

As far as when you can score it? To be determined. Details on exactly when the product would be up on the website were pretty elusive in the information we were given, but if you head over to glossier.com and hit the very last color bubble on the Balm Dotcom page, a funfetti image teasing the flavor shows up. We'll keep you posted on the specifics as we learn ourselves, that is, if Glossier doesn't reveal everything on Instagram first.