We'll take any excuse to shine.

Gigi Hadid Giambattista Valli - Lead 2016
Credit: Estrop/Getty

Gigi Hadid, being the gem that she is, just reminded us we need to bust out the bling a little more often. Sure, no-makeup makeup is great and we all live for a dark vampy lip, but diamonds are a girl's best friend. Right?

The supermodel got all dolled up for a Tommy x Gigi event in Japan, where her look was complete fire and held total (and downright amazing) Harajuku vibes. There's the cute and ultra trendy half buns in her hair, the white and black graphic mani, and most exciting, the rhinestones placed in the inner corners of her eyes. At first, we thought Gigi simply had some mega inner-eye highlight, but we soon realized girlfriend upped her dark blue eye makeup with a little sparkle.

Her eye look also includes two other rhinestones one on the outer corners of her eyes, and one underneath the end of her eyebrow.

Yep, that's another win from our girl Gigi!