Get Sexy Summer Skin at Any Age

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Get Sexy Summer Skin at Any Age

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In Your 20s

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Aging skin is the last thing on you're mind when you're hitting the beach, but taking some easy steps now can prevent long-term damage. New York City dermatologist David Colbert advises eating "sun-proof" foods loaded with antioxidants like kale, tomatoes, avocados, almonds and Greek yogurt. "Other tasty summer sun foods that pack an antioxidant punch are summer squash, cucumbers, strawberries amp blueberries," says Colbert. They provide the antioxidants you need

Even the most cautious fall victim to an occasional sunburn—follow up with a skin-saving action plan to avoid permanent damage. Keep Aloe Vera chilled in the fridge for maximum relief when applying it! Colbert, also recommends a cool bath or shower to sooth inflammation as well as Aleve, Motrin or Aspirin. For bad sunburns that develop blisters or fever, be sure to see a physician.

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Your Challenges in Your 20s

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You're blessed with wrinkle-free skin, but chances are you still battle breakouts-especially in summer's relentless heat and humidity. So resist the urge to head straight to bed after that late night beach party. "Not washing your face leads to breakouts, but it can also give the skin a dull, lined appearance," says skincare expert Sunday Riley, who works with Freida Pinto. You'll thank yourself later for starting good habits-nighttime cleansing, daily SPF, and a little preventative treatment-during these years.

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Your Routine and Perfect Products

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Life in your 20s may equal late nights out, but it's critical to wash your face before bed, no matter how tired you are. Riley suggests a gentle foaming formula like Benefit Foaming Cleanser ($21,
WEAR "Don't rely on the SPF factor in your makeup," says Riley, who suggests an SPF 30 for everyday use. "Those chemical sunscreens don't have a lot of photostability." We like L'Occitane Angelica UV Shield SPF40 ($34,, a lightweight fluid that absorbs almost instantly.
REPAIR The problems that plague 20-somethings-uneven skintone, the beginnings of fine lines and occasional breakouts-are all easy issues to address. We love Good Genes Treatment ($105,, a cult favorite of Riley's celebrity clientele. It prevents long-term collagen damage and blocks the causes of acne.

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In Your 30s

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The 30s is a good time to amp up your preventative routine. Take a good look at your parents and grandparents to assess the care your own skin needs now. "Use SPF 30 every day, on all exposed areas" says Colbert who works with Sienna Miller. "Find a sunscreen that is convenient for your lifestyle, whether it's spray, lotion, cream, or a stick roll-on. This ensures that you'll use it." And don't forget your lips – keep them soft, radiant and protected. "Chapstick has now increased their SPF choices to 30 amp 50!"

"I start my patients with light Triad facials which include microdermabrasion, laser toning amp fruit acid peels to keep them looking like they're in their 20s while in their 30s," says Colbert. But remember that skincare isn't one size fits all. If you have fair, or thin skin, your skin may require more maintenance and sun protection than someone with dark skin and a fuller face.

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Your Challenges in Your 30s

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Depending on your skin type (and your genetics) you may start to see some fine lines and complexion dullness. To keep your skin fresh like Kate Hudson, good nutrition is key. Dermatologist Nicholas Perricone advises clients to skip the cocktail umbrellas and summertime margaritas. "Limiting alcohol helps flush the body of toxins and lets the skin stay supple," he says. Pure spring water and green tea are quenching alternatives.

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Your Routine and Perfect Products

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Washing skin with warm water is the ideal way to begin an effective anti-aging regimen. "Eliminating surface debris, dead skin and makeup allows the skin to glow youthfully," says Perricone. We love his Nutritive Cleanser ($39,, which contains alpha lipoic acid and DMAE to shrink pores and improve skin's texture.
WEAR Chances are crows feet are starting to appear around the corners of your eyes, so take extra measures to protect your skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays. Invest in eye creams and makeup with SPF for added sun protection.
REPAIR "Topical products containing alpha lipoic acid help return youthful vibrancy to your skin," advises Perricone. Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Night Creme ($24, is a gentle and affordable option.

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In Your 40s

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For women in their 40s, years of accumulated sun damage presents a new challenge. Starting out with a little bit of filler is a great temporary skin fix to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. For more advanced skin damage Manhattan dermatologist Laurie Polis recommends the use of Botox in tiny amounts over time. "The cumulative effect will be preventative against fine lines etching between the eyebrows, or along the forehead, or at the sides of the eyes for example."

For more aged and damaged skin, doctors love photodynamic therapy. During this treatment a protein is applied to a freshly exfoliated face while a blue light laser selectively destroys areas with sun damage. Polis is a fan of this therapy because a lot can be accomplished in even a single treatment, including its effectiveness in reducing precancers!

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Your Challenges in Your 40s

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For women in their 40s, summer presents a unique problem: The manifestation of years of sun damage. "The sun will make them appear darker, but those spots formed from years of sunbathing," explains Kate Somerville, who works with Kate Walsh. Kill two birds with one stone: Retinol products will both reverse and prevent damage.

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Your Routine and Perfect Products

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Use a gentle cleanser like Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser ($33, and exfoliate twice a week. Somerville likes scrubs with both chemical exfoliants like fruit enzymes, and physical exfoliants like smooth beads or finely ground particles.
WEAR Somerville advises her clients to use an SPF with antioxidants-Philosophy's Hope in a Jar with SPF For Dry Skin ($38, is our new moisturizing favorite-as well as prescription Retin-A. "Retin-A speeds up cell turnover to get rid of damage deep below the surface of the skin," explains Somerville.
REPAIR For an extra glow during the summer months, we love Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair ($150,, which has collagen builders that actually reverse sun damage. It's expensive-and effective.

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In Your 50s and Beyond

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You have toiled away many summers in the sun but that doesn't mean you should be lax in your skincare routine now. Continue to apply an SPF 30 everyday and avoid overexposure to the sun when possible. "Another easy prevention is to get behind the oversized sunglass trend and cover a lot of area around the eyes," says Polis. Take note, areas of your body where skin is thinner are more vulnerable to damage and serious disease.

For mature skin, treatments like the Fraxel laser are also available. The laser addresses many skin issues including pigmentation, textural irregularities and wrinkling. For an added bonus, "It improves texture, tone and clarity of the skin and will also destroy any precancers it finds."

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Your Challenges at 50 and Beyond

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While everyone with mature skin wants to address wrinkle prevention, other summer issues do pop up, including blotchiness and adult acne. Dermatologist Patricia Wexler, who works with Christie Brinkley, advises clients to treat each problem individually. For wrinkles, she recommends products with peptides and retinoids that stimulate collagen. If you get blotchy, products with hydroquinone will prevent irregular pigmentation-apply especially well over bony areas. And just like when you were in your teens, salicylic acid is still the best treatment for acne.

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Your Routine and Perfect Products

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"Exfoliation is key. It gets rid of the dead skin cells, which are very prevalent for women in this age bracket," says Wexler. The Wexler Microexfoliation and Microdermabrasion System ($65 for both, Brinkley loves-should be used in the shower to restore moisture and even hyper-pigmentation.
WEAR Wexler has a summertime don't for the over 50 set: Sunless tanner, which stains brown spots and creases. Opt instead for a washable body bronzer like Perfekt Body Perfection Gel ($48,, which comes in four flattering colors.
REPAIR Mature skin gets blotchy and uneven in the summer months. Wexler recommends skin-lightening hydroquinone to even out irregular pigmentation. Be sure you select one with a 4% or less concentration like Obagi Nu Derm Blender ($82, to find a doctor near you)-otherwise the formulas can cause skin sensitivity, and may increase vulnerability to UV damage.

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