Geode Nails
Credit: taylornailedit/Instagram

That crystal-charged lifestyle is a real thing, just ask Spencer Pratt. Whether or not you buy into the good vibes that are associated with your chunk of rose quartz (author's note: I've got a chunk of amethyst sitting on my desk and am still waiting on it to make me less crazy), there's no denying the power anything crystal-infused has in the beauty realm. Healing crystals have started to show up in skincare, nail polishes, and even warranted an entire blowout treatment. Of course, the next logical step would be to incorporate them in nail art.

That's what manicurist Taylor Johnson, a.k.a. TaylorNailedIt on Instagram, resulting in the gorgeous geode-inspired mani above. There are two ways to nail the look: in Taylor's case, she layered multiple grey and violet nail colors, mimicking the natural look of a geode, then topped off the effect with a handful of crystals concentrated in the center of the nail.

The second method involves applying multiple layers of either gel or regular nail polish, then using an electric file to reveal the geode pattern, as demonstrated in the below video.

It's not exactly the most DIY-friendly technique, it's certainly mesmerizing to watch—we haven't been this enthralled since we cracked open an actual geode, hammer in hand, decades ago.

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If the slow-reveal is your thing, make sure to show your manicurist video or images of the look for the sake of clarity. Get thee to the #GeodeNails hashtag, and let the stalking commence.