A Blue Moon Is Coming — and It's the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Here's what you need to know about glamour magic.

A Blue Moon Is Coming — and It's the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine
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Looking to upgrade your life on August 22's full blue moon? Well, look no further. We have four ways in which you can use glamour magic to reset your vibe and attain your goals. But what is glamour magic, exactly? Simply put, it's a form of spell casting in which you can use makeup, perfume, crystals, and the moon to boost your confidence by changing your look.

It's not only an effective way to improve your life through beauty routines and rituals, but glamour magic is also a great way to manifest your visions — and it's really simple to learn.

All you have to do is think of something you want to come to fruition, and do one of the following magical spells during the upcoming full blue moon. Now, you can tip the scales in your favor by enhancing your beauty products or routines with intentions. And just like that, you can create the life and vibe you want.

Glow Up With the Moon

The moon's energy while it's full is very potent. It's a great magical tool to use in glamour magic, as it can aid in filling up your beauty products (skincare or makeup items) with the goals you want to attain. Esoteric life coach and owner of The Fitness Witch, magic practitioner, and physical trainer Christine O'Day suggests writing a letter of intention (what you want to bring into your life) and then "leaving your makeup on the windowsill during full moons with the intention of what you're wanting to manifest." This will help you to craft your desires and make them a part of your reality. When you apply the products to your skin, it becomes a part of you and allows the universe to bring your dreams to life. Also, you'll feel the abundant lunar energy radiate through your body with positivity.

Color Magic

You can set intentions by wearing different colors. Some people like to bring their goals to fruition by applying a certain shade of lipstick, others choose to wear colors of clothing that help them manifest their passions.

Witch, tarot taser color magic practitioner, and author of The Cosmo Tarot: The Ultimate Deck and Guidebook Sarah Potter prefers using color casting by choosing a nail polish that vibes with her mood and what she wants to bring into her life. "An example is wearing an abundant bright green for some extra cash, a sweet pastel pink when missing loved ones, or a bright fiery orange to have a sexy date night," she says.

Potter adds, "Painting my nails is basically the only time I really sit still and the whole ritual is very meditative. As I paint each nail, I think about the intention I am invoking and call in that magic. I also charge my bottles of nail polish on my windowsill altar under the light of the moon or the rays of the sun depending on the current vibe."

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Embrace Your Inner Goddess

The inner goddess is the part of ourselves that is connected to Mother Earth. It's also the unconditional love we have for ourselves that exists within. Igniting it through glamour magic can help us radiate the light within that allows us to shine bright. Psychic, witch, and host of The Glitter Cast podcast Renee Watt suggests carrying a rhodochrosite crystal for self-love and dabbing on geranium oil for a grounding effect. Renee says that she visualizes her aura "becoming infused with Aphrodite (who is the goddess of love in astrology) like energy, which the crystal and geranium oil amplifies." This will boost one's confidence and allow people to find their "inner goddess."

Bath Magic

Astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, Narayana Montúfar suggests a moon bath with rose petals and rose quartz to harness the lunar energy in glamour spells. Take moon water (water that is placed by a windowsill or under the moon during a new or full moon), then blend it with rose petals and place the rose quartz in the water overnight with your intention written underneath the glass jar on a piece of paper. Then, bathe in the tincture for 20 minutes or pour over your shoulders. Meditate on your intentions. Narayana suggests keeping some water so that every time that you need a pick-me-up, it is available to you.

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