Freida Pinto: My Favorite Looks!

Freida Pinto-Toronto Film Festival-hair
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Freida Pinto: My Favorite Looks!

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No-Fuss Glamour

Freida Pinto-hair-TriBeCa film festival
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"I like that this look is really clean makeup and an easy updo. And it's one of my favorites because it's a me-look-something I could do myself. Well, I could pin my hair up, but obviously I could never curl it like that."

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Shiny Hair and Dewy Skin

Freida Pinto-Dolce and Gabbana show-hair

"More could have been done here-maybe a little more kohl? I just feel the look was lacking something in the eyes. Overall, though, the hair and the skin were done up really well. They've both got a little shine which goes well with the fabric of the dress."

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Wispy Updo

Fredia Pinto-GQ Man of the Year-hair
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"Normally I keep it really safe, but that night I experimented with my hair-I quite enjoyed it actually. The overall look was meant to be simple, but the hair was meant to be fabulous."

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Intense Eyes

Freida Pinto-Screen Actor's Guild Awards-makeup-hair
Steve Granitz/WireImage

"The Screen Actors Guild Awards! That was probably my favorite look ever. The hair was all pulled back and as slick as possible and the eyes were dramatized, but just a wee bit. This look showed off more of me than styles where my hair covers my face. And the makeup was just fabulous."

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Super Long Strands

Freida Pinto
Jesse Grant/WireImage

"When I see this picture, I miss my hair length. This picture touches me. Now my hair is much shorter. I tried a pink babydoll mouth that night because the rest of the hair and makeup was so open and simple. I quite liked it actually."

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Elegant Neutrals

Freida Pinto-Golden Globes-hair
Vince Bucci/WireImage

"I like the colors I chose to play with. I think with my skintone, nudes are very complementary. The only problem was the hair-it did not remain the way it was styled because of the texture. I've got a lot of hair but it's really fine. When I left the hotel, the curls at the bottom were tighter, but by the time I reached the ceremony, they just opened up. My hair was being funny. Nothing much can be done about that."

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Stress-free Hair

Freida Pinto-Toronto Film Festival-hair
Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

"This picture was just me being me. I did not know what the red carpet was all about. I left my makeup and hair in the hands of people who knew what they wanted to do. It was an easy updo-one where you wake up, pin your hair up and walk out of the house. Which is why it matches my personality. I don't really stress too much about my hair or my makeup."

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