Sales of This Foot-Softening Exfoliant Spray Are Up 19,140% on Amazon Ahead of Sandal Season

It’s $5 “magic,” according to shoppers.

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Sales of This Foot-Softening Exfoliant Spray Are Up 19,140% Ahead of Sandal Season
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It's officially spring, though if you live on the East Coast, you wouldn't know it based on the gray skies. Personally, these days I'm fully identifying with the TikTok sound, "all I want to eat is dairy and carbohydrates, but nothing will fill the black hole in my life" — so yes, any droplet of serotonin would be great. Ask, and the internet provides: A criminally inexpensive foot exfoliant is taking Amazon by storm with its dead skin-peeling power, and the satisfying treatment might give me just the mood boost I'm looking for (it really is the little things).

You may recognize beauty brand Freeman for its drugstore face masks, but according to Amazon's Movers and Shakers charts, sales for its Instant Foot Peeling Spray are up a whopping 19,140 percent ahead of sandal season. Interminable winter and heavy footwear usually translate to rough, scratchy heels, which often call for weeks of heavy-duty treatments like Kerasal. But apparently, Freeman's peeling spray gets rid of dryness in an almost supernatural fashion.

"This spray is [for] next-level soft feet," wrote a reviewer on Amazon, who called it "magic" for "unbelievably" smooth skin. "It's taken off the rough spots on my heels I've never been able to tackle." More shoppers agree: It's the first product they've found that makes for supremely soft feet, and the $5 price tag is especially appealing. Think of it like a more affordable, faster-acting version of Baby Foot, but your dead skin immediately balls up in clumps versus trailing after your feet for weeks.

Freeman Beauty Flirty Feet Instant Hydration Foot Peel Mask Spray

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While most foot peels rely on powerful acids to dissolve calluses, Freeman's Foot Peeling Spray opts for a combination of exfoliating urea and moisturizing glycerin, trehalose, aloe, and castor oil (if you have keratosis pilaris, you're probably well-versed in the wonders of urea). Coconut extract and menthol, meanwhile, make for a minty, tropical scent — definitely an upgrade from the smell of winter socks.

Considering the rave reviews and spring's fast approach, it's no wonder the Foot Peeling Spray sold out at Amazon literally as I was writing this. Thankfully, it's still available elsewhere on the 'net — but with iHerb customers dubbing it the key to "princess feet" and a "miracle," it's tough to say how long that'll be the case.

"In seconds, you just scrub your feet with a hand and see the dead skin fall off," wrote a "shocked" iHerb reviewer. "I can't stop telling everyone I meet." Snap up your toes' spring awakening for $5 at Walmart, Urban Outfitters, or iHerb.

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