This One-of-A-Kind Product Is the Solution to Making Your Fragrance Last All Day

It's called a fragrance primer and here's why it works.

Out of all our beauty products sitting pretty on our vanity, fragrance takes the cake for being the most luxurious. From the way it's made, to the beautiful packaging, and the (often high) price point, fragrances have a way of making our daily routine feel elevated while also instantly boosting our mood.

Despite it all, though, there's nothing worse than feeling like your fragrance doesn't last. If you're using the right type of fragrance, applying it the right way, and still find that the scent wears off quickly, try a fragrance primer.

A fragrance primer does exactly what it sounds like — it preps the skin for fragrance and helps to make the scent last longer. Ahead, learn everything you need to know about this first-of-its-kind product from the creator, Bernardo Möller, founder of House of Bō Fragrances.

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What Is a Fragrance Primer?

The House of Bō Nourishing Parfum Primer ($65, is an unscented spray that's formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and aloe vera, to prepare your skin for your fragrance and make the scent last longer. It's a first-in-market product created after Möller struggled to find a solution for making his scent last and smell as it did in the bottle.

"As a perfume fanatic, I was constantly faced with two issues, fragrance duration and perfumes smelling different on me than in the perfume bottles or on other people," he says. "I realized no one was addressing these two issues, and I always dreamed of creating a formula that would not only address these challenges but would also nourish the skin."

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How Does Fragrance Primer Work?

"The formula contains an unscented oil with other active ingredients that creates a thin layer over your skin that protects the perfume from your skin's PH and allows for a more efficient fragrance fixation," explains Möller. "This invisible layer allows the perfume to smell as if you are smelling it from the bottle, and it also makes it last longer."

One of the biggest culprits for why your scent disappears quickly is dry skin. The nourishing and hydrating ingredients in this spray keep the skin moisturized so that the fragrance has something to hold onto, extending the wear of your favorite scent.

What Are the Benefits of Fragrance Primer?

"The main benefits are a longer-lasting and more authentic fragrance experience while also nourishing your skin with hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E," says Möller. He's even read customer testimonials that say the wearer's fragrance lasted four to five hours longer than without the use of the primer.

How to Use a Fragrance Primer?

To use, apply the primer before your fragrance on the areas where you'd usually apply your scent. We recommend on the pulse points, such as the wrists and nape of the neck. Allow 30 seconds for the primer to air dry and activate the properties that prep your skin before fragrance application. Finally, apply your fragrance and reap the long-lasting benefits.

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