Honestly, you'll want to get out of bed in the morning just to spritz yourself with this. 

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Lilac Perfume Lead
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When the weather is pushing 100 degrees and it feels like it's 90 percent humidity outside, it's really hard to want to wear a heavy fragrance. Scents that smell lovely most days of the year can all of a sudden become overbearing or just plain unbearable. Not to mention, if you have the unfortunate circumstance of starting to smell a little bit ripe, well, that's never a good combo with any perfume. In this sweltering weather, day in and day out, I have been reaching for Vilhelm Parfumerie Lilac Path. This fragrance makes me wish smell-o-vision existed. This is light and airy and floral in the most inviting kind of way.

One whiff is enough to transport you to garden filmed with morning dew, when everything is still calm and quiet. It still has a little bit of cheekiness to it with a subtle sexiness of woodland nymph... who is likely causing trouble somewhere. It's light and it's sexy, and most importantly, it will make you feel refreshed and excited for your day even when it is so humid you feel like you are walking through sludge. For more on what makes the fragrance a breath of fresh air, I gabbed with Jan Vilhelm, the founder of Vilhelm Perfumerie.

What It’s Called:

Lilac A Day

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A full head of highlights and a gloss treatment ... $245; barneys.com

What Makes It Special:

One whiff and you will feel calm and tranquil, but also happy because lilacs smell divine.

Who’s It For:

If you appreciate the simple and beautiful things. Or if you want to feel really fresh.

When to Use It:

Morning, noon, or night. Lilac's bloom for just a couple of weeks—why not carry a bit of that scent with you throughout the rest of the year? This is especially lovely when heat is unbearable.

What It Feels Like:

Finally being able to channel a bit of that forest nymph nature you knew you had. It gives you beautiful, elusive smell of nature's delicate beauty and a credible, albeit duplicitous, "I'm not wearing anything, this is my natural scent" scent.

What It Smells Like:

A dewy morning garden filled with lilacs!

What the Internet Is Saying:

What the Experts Are Saying:
"Lilac is a notoriously difficult scent to capture. We are so proud of this scent—we endeavored to capture the scent of lilac, ripe and resplendent, freshly-plucked from the garden. While traces of amber, galbanum, and jasmine can be found, these scents serve not to complicate, but to better replicate the robust scent of a lilac, exactly as it found in nature," says Jan Vilhelm​.