This Fragrance Brand Makes Online Shopping For Perfume So Easy

The try-before-you-buy model makes it a no-brainer.

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This Fragrance Brand Makes Online Shopping For Perfumes So Easy
Photo: Courtesy of Snif

Growing up, my grandmother always told me it was rude to buy perfume for others. Her logic made sense — fragrance is so personal, and the only person who should decide how they smell should be the person wearing the scent. However, what I didn't quite grasp was how hard it was to find the right scent for yourself — forget other people.

There are so many perfumes on the market that finding the one (or the ones, because I have a perfume for every mood) can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Going to a department store or even a luxury boutique can be a taxing trip, so online shopping has become the default. However, unlike shopping for clothes or makeup, how the hell are you supposed to understand what something smells like from reading generalized notes like sandalwood, jasmine, oud? Unless you can actually smell the final mix, knowing what notes are in a fragrance doesn't do much.

That's where Snif comes in.

Launched by a pair of childhood friends in October 2020, Snif was created with the mission to make genderless, luxury fragrances approachable and accessible. And at $65 per perfume, they've accomplished just that. That in itself is already impressive, but what really sets Snif apart from other perfumes to me is its try-before-you-buy business model.

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Courtesy of Snif

To shop: $150,

It's a simple concept: You choose three perfumes you want to test and the brand will send you full sizes that you can keep and buy if you like them, and three samples of each scent for you to test. Once you check out, Snif will place a temporary hold on your card, but you won't be charged for anything. You'll have seven days to sample the scents before being charged — just note that you can't remove the protective seals on the full-sized perfumes, and if you do, you'll be charged for them.

If you decide you don't like any of them, just send the box back (for free) with the full-sized fragrances and the temporary hold will be lifted at no expense to you. If you decide you like one, you return the other two and Snif will charge you $65. Now, if you opt to keep two, Snif will give you a $5 discount, and if you keep all three, the brand will give you $45 off. Considering that department store perfumes typically range between $90 - $300, this is a solid deal.

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This try-before-you-buy system takes out all the guesswork of online shopping for perfumes — both for yourself and for others.

The good news doesn't stop there, either. Snif has the same business model for candles, and they smell equally as high-end as the perfumes do.

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