By Erin Lukas
Updated: Aug 01, 2017 @ 5:42 pm

If you've never indulged in one of Serendipity 3's infamous Frrrozen Hot Chocolates, join the rest of us who refuse to wait the average two hours for a table.

Luckily, the NYC restaurant that's more famous for its desserts than its dinner menu, is offering the next best thing to splurging on a Golden Opulence $1000 Sundae with your closest friends. Serendipity 3 now has a signature scent that smells just as decadent as the restaurant's sweet treats without the post-dessert sugar coma.

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Serendipitous is the olfactory equivalent of eating all of your favorite Serendipity 3 desserts at once. It has a chocolate base that's spiked with notes of Tahitian vanilla and orange blossom. Its launch marks another milestone for the NYC institution: It's the first restaurant to have their own fragrance.


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The sweetest part? You can now enjoy Serendipity's desserts any time or day—no reservation required.

Serendipity 3's Serendipitous is available for $45 at and boutiques.