You're Probably Making At Least One Of These Perfume Mistakes

If you invest in a fragrance, you want it to last.

You're Probably Making One Of These Perfume Mistakes
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There are so many things to love about fragrance: the way it sets your mood for the day, how it changes the atmosphere around you, the compliments you receive while wearing it, how it makes you feel — the list goes on.

So, if you find a perfume you like then you want it to last. And if you're in the market for a new perfume, you want to make sure you're satisfied with your choice once you try it on yourself. This seems simple enough, but more often than not we hear people lament their experience with it.

If you've found yourself frustrated with your experience with fragrance before, you're likely making one of the following perfume mistakes. And look, we don't believe there are hard-cut rules when it comes to how you wear your fragrance (you do you) but since fragrance is such a science, there are actions you can take to satisfy your needs.

Below, two perfume experts share some of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a perfume, applying it, and storing it — plus, they're tips on what to do instead.

Mistake #1: Rubbing Your Wrists Together After Applying Perfume

We've heard over and over again to apply perfume to our pulse points — notably our wrists. Over time it may have become second nature to spritz your fragrance to this area and immediately rub the inside of your wrists together to set the scent or make it dry down faster. However, doing so is a major mistake.

The National Fragrance Ambassador for Maison Margiela REPLICA, Ross Barry, explains that rubbing scents together crushes the scent molecules. As such, the integrity of the fragrance breaks. Instead, Veronique Gabai, who is the founder of her eponymous fragrance brand, says to either tap the wrists gently or simply let it air. "This will keep the scent intact," she explains.

Mistake #2: Spritzing Perfume On Dry Skin

If you feel as if your perfume doesn't last as long as you'd like it to, it could be because you applied it on dry skin. "Fragrance stays longer on hydrated skin, so make sure to lotion up," recommends Barry. For the best results, use a fragrance-free lotion so the scents don't counter each other.

Mistake #3: Storing Your Perfume In the Bathroom

While it's surely convenient to have your fragrances stored with the rest of your beauty products in the bathroom, doing so is a major no-no. Barry explains that humidity breaks down the scent faster than if it were stored somewhere dry, and even says that your fragrance will last twice as long if you do.

Mistake #4: Applying Perfume Throughout the Day

If you applied a decent amount of perfume in the morning but failed to smell it on yourself an hour later, you're not alone. However, this doesn't mean the scent has faded. Gabai explains that your brain has processed the smell as normal, and as such, your nose stops detecting it.

By continuously spritzing yourself with more perfume throughout the day, you risk creating an overwhelming scent by applying too much. Not to mention, you'll go through your bottle faster than expected. Instead, touch up once at the end of the day.

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Mistake #5: Buying Perfume Without Testing It First

Online shopping makes our lives easier — nobody is debating that. However, nothing replaces smelling perfume on your skin, no matter how accurate the description of it is.

"Smelling a perfume on a blotter is fine for a quick curation, but it will not give you the reality of your interaction with the scent," says Gabai. For the best results, she says to sample perfume on your skin as we all have a natural scent that mixes uniquely when mixed with perfume.

Mistake #6: Smelling Several Perfumes One After the Other

If you've ever been wine tasting, you know not to test five reds one after the other. Instead, you're encouraged to cleanse your palette to reset your taste buds before moving on to the next glass. The same concept applies to scent.

Sniffing different blends in a small time frame can affect how your brain computes the smell. As such, it's important to give your nose a reset before moving onto the next perfume.

You may be thinking that you know just the trick — sniffing coffee beans in between fragrances — but Gabai says this is a myth and even a little misleading. "It will mask what you have smelled before but will not give you a clean palate to continue smelling more scents properly," she explains. Instead, she recommends simply breathing in and out with an emphasis on the exhale, making it last longer than it typically does.

Mistake #7: Storing Your Perfume In the Sunlight

"Perfume can last a long time, as long as you keep it away from light and heat," says Gabai, who points out that a lot of people like to store their fragrances on a vanity. Instead, she says to store them in a cool drawer. "This will be better for the juice inside," she explains.

Mistake #8: Having Just One Signature Scent

Don't get us wrong, we all have our favorite fragrances that we keep going back to. However, as scent is so personal and can help set the mood for the day it makes sense to have a few you can alternate.

"I love to wear something different to match my mood or moment," agrees Barry. "You don't wear the same outfit every day, so why do the same with scent?"

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