Paris Hilton Just Released Yet Another Fragrance

Girl is on fire!

Paris Hilton Fragrance
Photo: Neilson Barnard/WireImage

Paris Hilton fans and perfume lovers unite! The socialite has recently launched a new EDP, which just so happens to be the 20th fragrance she's released since 2004. So what's the new scent in her collection, you ask?

Well, this one, entitled Gold Rush, is dripping with Old Hollywood glam and supposedly mixes juicy citrus top notes with a floral center and a cashmere-meets-warm-vanilla base.

We know you're wondering about the shape of the bottle, which we can all admit is one of the best parts about even indulging in a new scent. It honestly looks like a dress you'd see on an awards show red carpet.

We gotta say, it all feels very Paris, very glamorous, and very refined.

"I've grown a lot over the years and GOLD RUSH is a major milestone for me," says Hilton in a news release. "It's a reflection of who I am today and the person I aspire to be." She says that she created this scent for women who feel confident in themselves—the dreamers, the doers, and the thinkers. "GOLD RUSH is all about that indescribable feeling you get when you see endless possibilities... when you're alive and unstoppable," she says.

Hilton's first EDP was "Paris Hilton for Women," and she launched "Paris Hilton for Men" in the same year.

We actually chatted with Paris about her love for fragrances in the past, and there's no doubt that she's passionate about the project. At the end of the summer, she'll have 21.

“I just love perfumes. When I was a little girl, my sister and I would go into my mom’s boudoir to look through her collection. We would spray ourselves and I said to myself that one day I would have my own perfume, but I had no idea I would have this many," she told us.

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