Oh, So THAT'S How You Should Organize Your Fragrance Bottles

Because your fragrance bottles deserve their time to shine.

Close up image of various fragrance bottles
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It doesn't matter how big your perfume collection is: If you own more than a couple of bottles, you need a place to store and display them. Finding creative storage solutions becomes trickier as you accrue more bottles, of course, especially if you're trying to find a balance between functionality, space conservation, and decorative display. In any case, it's never too early or too late to start organizing your collection, and we spoke to several professional organizers to help you do just that.

Cake Stand

"A cake stand is an elegant way to display your perfume collection on your countertop or on top of your dresser drawers," suggests Kristin Long, a professional organizer based in Northern Virginia. You can buy inexpensive glass stands at many stores or online. You can also seek out a vintage cake stand from a thrift market or antique store to add a little more flair.

Shallow Shelves

If you're living in a small space or simply want to conserve as much of your space as possible, store your perfumes on a shallow wall shelf. Ikea's Mosslanda is a favorite because of its streamlined design and small lip, which prevents items from falling off the shelf.

Wall Cubes

Long also suggests using wall cubes to store your perfume. Like the shallow shelves, wall cubes get your perfume out of the way, take up very little space, and make them easy to access and view. You can build your own, or buy them from the store. Try Home Depot's 3-Piece Floating Black Shadow Box Decorative Shelf Kit.

Mirrored Tray

Store your favorite, or your most beautiful, perfume bottles on top of a mirrored tray on a bedroom dresser. The mirror further highlights the beauty of the bottle and gives your perfume its own designated space. This brass and mirror tray from West Elm is a pretty option.

Transparent Boxes or Chests

"If you want to showcase your collection, try channeling that desire into finding gorgeous decorative boxes to house them instead," suggests Shara Koplowitz, an expert organizer serving Los Angeles and New York City who's worked with celebs such as George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston. "Not only will the boxes protect the bottles from the environment [and dust], but they will serve as stylish ways to keep your fragrances safe for a while to come." Here's a minimalist option from West Elm.

Spice Organizer

A spice organizer was invented to allow you to see all the spices you own while keeping them organized. That makes it the perfect storage option for your perfume, and other small bottles, as well. Opt for a clear, wood, or metal lazy Susan or tiered rack, and get as many as you need to house everything. We like this tiered option from Target.

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