Michelle Pfeiffer on Why She's Launching Henry Rose Personal Care and Home Fragrance

The actress walks us through the new launches.

Michelle Pfeiffer/Henry Rose Interview
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Henry Rose isn't your average celebrity fragrance line.

Founded by award-winning actress Michelle Pfeiffer, the brand uses clean ingredients, is 100% transparent about the said ingredients that make up their juices, and is verified by the EWG and Cradle to Cradle.

"I remember one day saying a person shouldn't have to choose between quality and safety," Pfeiffer says. "We have to worry about so many things in the world, and [fragrance] shouldn't be one of them. That was really the genesis of how this brand all started."

Now, a year-and-a-half in, and seven wildly successful fragrances later, Pfeiffer wants you to feel good about the scents you use in your home with Henry Rose's new candle and diffuser.

"I started this brand because, as a consumer, I was so stressed about having to constantly navigate these confusing lists of ingredients and trying to find products that I felt were safe and also performed," Pfeiffer tells InStyle. "As I got into this deeper, I realized that fragrance is in everything and it affects everyone who comes into contact with it. There are some people, which I didn't know at the time, are so allergic to essential and natural oils, that everyone assumes are safe, but they're not safe for everybody."

For her first entry into home fragrance, Pfeiffer has reimagined Henry Rose's scent, Torn, into a candle and diffuser oil. Torn contains notes of freesia, rose, violet, sandalwood, and vanilla bean.

"I realized what I was trying to capture with it was the cologne my father wore," she shares.

Henry Rose Candles

To buy: $65; henryrose.com

In addition to Torn, Henry Rose's diffuser oil comes in its best-selling Jake's House fragrance, a fresh, clean scent with notes of aldehydes, neroli, peony, and musk.

Henry Rose Diffuser Oil

To buy: $28; henryrose.com

As for fragrance in body care, Pfeiffer realized it's nearly impossible to find a scent-free formula. "Maybe the brand is transparent with all of the other ingredients in their personal care products, but the word 'fragrance' is going to pop on the ingredients list and that's a black hole," she says. That's why she set out to create a rich body cream infused with her brand's clean scents.

Henry Rose's cream comes in its fan-favorite Jake's House and Queen & Monsters scents, respectively.

Henry Rose Body Cream

To buy: $65; henryrose.com

And since hand sanitizer has become the must-have personal care product of 2020, Henry Rose has made their own, too. For now, the alcohol-based formula comes in Pfeiffer's Jake's House scent, and is formulated with aloe and vegetable glycerin to prevent hands from getting dried out.

Henry Rose Hand Sanitizer

To buy: $10; henryrose.com

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