This Month Only, You Can Get Le Labo's City-Exclusive Scents Wherever You Are

Otherwise, you'd have to fly across the world to get them.

This Month Only, You Can Get Any of Le Labo's Signature City Scents Wherever You Are
Photo: Courtesy of Le Labo

In the world of fast fashion, instant gratification, and social media, it seems like very little is left to the imagination.

Having the world at our fingertips can make some things lose their magic, but it also opens up a universe of opportunities that wouldn't otherwise exist.

Fragrance house Le Labo understands that, which is why it launched its City Exclusives collectionin 2006 as a way to pay tribute to its favorite cities. Normally, the city-specific scents would only available for purchase in the area they belong to. For example, one would have to fly to Seoul to get their hands on a bottle of Citron 28, a complex citrus fragrance that balances notes of lemon, ginger, and jasmine with cedar and musk notes.

However, once a year during the month of September, you can purchase any of the full-sized City Exclusives fragrances regardless of where you are in the world.

"We created the City Exclusives to make sure that the experience is not uniform everywhere in the perfume collection, for a specific perfume to honor the city we are in and will not be sold anywhere else," says the brand spokesperson on why it's important to the brand to maintain those intimate relations with each city.

Le Labo has 14 fragrances in its City Exclusives collection: Cedrat 37 (Berlin), Gaiac 10 (Tokyo), Vanille 44 (Paris), Tabac 28 (Miami), Citron 28 (Seoul), Mousse De Chene 30 (Amsterdam), Musc 25 (Los Angeles), Bigarade 18 (Hong Kong), Tubereuse 40 (New York), Poivre 23 (London), Baie Rose 26 (Chicago), Limette 37 (San Francisco), Cuir 28 (Dubai), and Aldehyde 44 (Dallas).

Each is as enticing and poetic as the next, but every fragrance has its unique melody that evolves throughout the day — the top notes as the beginning of an orchestra, the body as the heart of the piece, and the base as the finale. For this reason, we recommend wearing a Le Labo scent for a while to experience how it evolves on your skin. And while it can be difficult to pick from the variety, a good indicator to which perfume you should wear is in the name — each Le Labo perfume calls out the main fragrance note in the name followed up by the number of ingredients in each fragrance. So, for example, Musc 25's main note is musk and contains 25 other ingredients in its formula.

le labo city scents
Courtesy of Le Labo

To shop: $350,

Le Labo's City Exclusives are available in four size options, ranging from 15ml to 500 ml and from $142 to $1,780. If you prefer to take your time to experience the different scents and take advantage of this month-long event, you can do so by opting for the Discovery Set instead, which includes five of the most popular City Exclusives in travel-sized samples. Otherwise, you can purchase a single City Exclusive in a discovery size for just $13.

If you fall in love with a City Exclusive and want to refill it down the line but don't reside in the fragrance's hometown, the brand offers refills in select Le Labo Labs around the globe for 20% off the normal retail price. So don't worry, your signature scent can remain yours year-round.

VIDEO: An Expert's Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent

The City Exclusives range is available online at, in Le Labo Labs, and in select corners from September 1 to September 30 — so run, don't walk to get yours.

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