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If you regularly read MIMI, you know that I love a good soak in the tub. If I'm having a bad day, you can bet I'm going to draw a bath when I get home. If I have a really big event, I'll take a bath as well. I'd be lying if I said that I had never sat in my empty bath tub when I was really stressed. For me, there is nothing better than to steep in my tub and let my mind drift. But during the summer, my baths become fewer and further in between. I'm not about to take an ice bath, OK?

My point is that I lapsed in my routine bathing habit until last week. The weather had started to really cool down and I was in possession of some fancy schmancy Jo Loves bath cologne. Instead of a bath oil or a bath salt, which has a treatment value, bath cologne merely scents your bath and living space in a heavenly way while you sit in your tub. It's a really luxurious, olfactory experience.

So I moseyed my toesies into my bath tub after a very long week with a splash of Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander bath cologne ($73; This scent is the ephemeral equivalent of being wrapped in a warm blanket and basking in the sun on a crisp and pleasant day in the park. It's the only way I could describe it. You feel revived by the warmth of the citrus, and, dare I say, energized and perhaps even turned on by the scent of the coriander. Sitting in my bath with this scent billowing around me was maybe akin to cuddling.

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Of course, the attraction of this scent took on new meaning after I got out of the bath and dried down a little. And not only because the divine orchestra of coziness and freshness lingers on your skin once it dries down.

Something I had been wishing for happened not five minutes after I emerged from my renewing soak. And while I'm not crediting the bath with a superpower, from that moment on, the scent took on new meaning. I relive that moment every time I sniff from my mini bottle of bath cologne. And that's the power of scent for you.

So go ahead and reset your day, week, or month. Pamper and emerge from the bath like new, and the scent will always remind you of that fresh beginning. It's like hitting the reset button by smelling something utterly divine.