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It doesn’t matter if it’s the most euphoric, hypnotizing perfume ever created… If it makes you sneeze non-stop and clogs up your nose, making your coworkers wonder if you really got the flu shot, it’s not worth it. But those with allergies to body mists, cologne, and eau de toilette galore can now have their scent and skip the sneezes, too because there’s a new brand that specializes in hypoallergenic fragrances.

No, that’s not an oxymoron—it’s one of the traits that sets Skylar apart in the world of beauty. Founder Cat Chen, a fragrance lover and a former executive at Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, was initially inspired to create the brand while looking for fragrances with cleaner ingredients to swap into her routine and not having any luck. "That's what got me thinking about creating a clean fragrance brand. With Skylar, there's no longer a need to compromise between smelling amazing and feeling amazing," she says.

Skylar Fragrance

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She also surveyed over 100 women, and about 1/3 of the group voiced they felt their scents were too strong, or that they had allergies to them.

On top of all that, Chen discovered her daughter was allergic to the scents she had in her collection, influencing her decision to launch Skylar even more.

The brand focuses on "safe" ingredients, which means eliminating allergens and artificial dyes, animal products, parabens, and any other toxic chemical. It should also be noted that Skylar isn’t 100 percent natural, as the scents do include a few safe synthetics because some natural ingredients can be allergenic. The ingredients that are natural, however, are sourced from eco-friendly farms across the world.

Right now, the lineup consists of four different scents—Arrow, Coral, Isle, and Meadow—and speak to major fragrance personalities. Arrow is described as warm and spicy, made with notes like vanilla black currant, jasmine, while Isle is a cleaner-smelling scent, created with orange, cardamom, and sandalwood. Coral has a citrusy profile, while Meadow speaks to the floral scent lovers.

But Chen’s innovation doesn’t stop at ingredients. She wanted to make the experience of shopping for fragrance a little more pleasant, so customers are able to sample the scent before buying the full-size bottles, which retail for $78 each, and each bottle is packaged in hand-painted water color, doubling as decor.