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After her much-anticipated fragrance launch, Gwyneth Paltrow is back with yet another goop scent that will have you smelling spring, or at the very least, will send you down the goop.com rabbit hole. In true GP fashion, the second edition is composed of entirely natural ingredients, but this time, the wellness guru turned to the shiso leaf for its earthy, fresh, and complex nature. How did it come about? We had the chance to chat with Paltrow about the new bottle, plus a few other topics that have been making the Internet rounds. Those viral jade eggs marketed for better sex? Check. The products she really uses on the reg? Double check.

Keep scrolling to find out what the actress thinks about spring beauty, when she reaches for a shot of tequila, and much more.

I'm really excited about your new fragrance, edition 02, shiso. What drew you to this ingredient for your spring fragrance launch?

Douglas [Little] and I were creating all these amazing, natural fragrances together, and when I was thinking about spring, he sort of translated what I wanted. I was asking for something that felt optimistic and clean, but I still wanted some depth and to feel like the moisture of spring and the denseness of spring. I wanted to sort of bring the complexity and the feeling of spring and the change of all of nature in spring into a fragrance. And then we smell—it’s really so much fun. He has this—it's called an organ—and it’s huge table with a million tiny little bottles of all the essential plant smells and all of those distillations. He will say, “Oh, I understand what you mean. Smell this, smell that" and shiso was just something that I found really unusual and clean and green and bright, but not like a common perfume scent.

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Going off scents we love, what food would you want to smell for the rest of your life if you could only pick one
When it’s heated or when it’s in its natural state?

Heated, I love the smell of simmering onions in a sauté pan. Raw, I think tomato leaf. Tomatoes—really ripe, August tomatoes.

Moving back to beauty, what are your favorite go-to products right now and why do you love them?
I love our fragrance and I love our instant facial, the goop Instant Facial ($125; goop.com). I always forget the name—it’s called Olio E Osso Balm ($28; goop.com). It’s like an olive oil-based cheek and lip color that’s very sheer that we sell on goop. It’s like my one thing that I always have in my makeup bag. I’m also totally obsessed with the Juice Beauty Mascara ($22; bloomingdales.com). It works so well. It works as well as conventional mascara. It doesn’t fall down. You’re not putting all the toxins in your eye, so I am very appreciative of that. I think those are sort of my main ones right now.

What’s your instant quick fix for a bad mood?
My vape pen? A shot of tequila? I don’t know!

We love to do a face mask and wine night—it’s my ideal girls’ night in. Do you have a favorite wine and face mask combo?
I really love this wine-blending outlet called Orin Swift. It’s in Napa. They make these incredible limited-edition wines that they blend the most amazing flavors. They have the coolest labels of all time. I treated myself to join their wine club. So once every quarter I get a little box of their wines, and they are amazing! I would probably do that as the wine. For the face mask, maybe the May Lindstrom one—that’s a really good one.

Spring also means spring cleaning... Is there anything that you desperately need to clean out?
Oh my gosh, I was just having this conversation. I need to do a deep closet detox.

Yeah, I need to do that, too.
I also want to go into my storage units and purge. I feel like I am holding onto all this shit in storage that I do not need.

So I saw on Instagram that you had a carrot juice “farmgarita." Can you tell me what that is?
Oh my gosh! It was so good! It was fresh, organic carrot juice and tequila and whatever else they put in there. It was so dangerous because the carrot juice was so sweet and fresh and you couldn’t really taste the alcohol. It was amazing.

I would never think about carrot juice and tequila, but it sounds like it would be an interesting mix.
Yeah, I know. They said it was their specialty cocktail. I said, “Well I got to try it.” It was amazing.

I am always so excited when a new goop article comes out. A lot of us have been talking about the "jade egg for better sex" article. Have you been asked about it?
Oh my gosh, yeah. When we first published it, it was like super viral. We love it when that happens. Yeah, I’ve been asked a lot about it, although I haven’t been able to try one. We sold out of it so fast!

Yeah, I can imagine. We have been talking about it, and then I have a lot of friends that have brought it up.
It’s really interesting because the woman who originally talked to me about it—she said that our hormones are so out of balance and the egg is very balancing for hormones. So not only is it a pelvic floor toner and that it made her sex life better, it really balanced out her hormones. So I’m trying to get my hands on one. I think they come back in stock pretty soon.