Grace Kelly Perfume - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Sure, I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn one Halloween when I was 16, and I’ve liked just as many Marilyn Monroe quotes on Instagram as the next girl, but neither really speak to me the way Grace Kelly does. As far as Old Hollywood starlets go, she’s my girl, though Lauren Bacall comes in at a close second. On a personal level, she reminds me of evenings spent with my mom, moments where I’d curl up next to her on the couch or pop into her bedroom while she was drinking tea and watching AMC.

I don’t think I ever really watched the movies, and I know I might have invaded alone time that a mother of four rarely gets. I probably even selfishly asked if we could please change the channel to the Boy Meets World marathon, but now Grace Kelly, along with the aforementioned actresses, remind me of time spent with my mom, even though they look absolutely nothing like her.

And today, in a world where positivity and kindness to one another is needed more than ever, I’m thankful that one glance at Grace Kelly brings me memories of feeling safe, warm, comfortable, and loved. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and it serves as a welcomed reminder to call my mom and tell her she’s one of the most incredible women in the world.

And from a beauty standpoint, I wouldn’t lie and say I didn’t wish I could pull off a blonde, flippy bob like Grace. Her skin? Impeccable. She’s a classic beauty with beautifully feminine style that I attempt to emulate as much as possible. She’s also probably the reason that Betty Draper is my favorite character in Mad Men. Betty gets compared to Grace quite a bit, and she owned it. Remember that time the compliment won her over enough to model for that soda commercial?

While I don’t think I will go blonde any time soon, and brown lipstick is more my jam than a pale, ballerina slipper pink, I’ve been able to copy my girl Grace with fragrance, and it’s actually kind of ironic when you think about how the sense of smell is so linked to memories.

I was recently introduced to a Chateau Krigler, a fragrance brand known for being worn by some of the most legendary actors, and public figures, of all time. Think Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, JFK, and yes, Grace Kelly.

Grace was a fan of Chateau Krigler 12, an incredibly light, floral fragrance that smells like sometimes I can see my grandmother freaking out over in her 20s. That’s not to say it’s too powdery or dated, but happy, feminine, and clean, but also strong enough to sit with you for a few hours. It’s not the perfume my mom wears, so it doesn’t connect me to her in that way, but wearing it does remind me of childhood and a time where literally any bad day or anxious thought could be calmed my sitting on the couch with my mother.

The fragrance is made up of notes of likely, rose, mimosa, and white musk. It smells fancy, gentle, intelligent, and poised. And that fanciness I referenced before? It unfortunately translates to the price tag, too. One 3.4 oz. bottle rings in at $355, so yeah, probably something Grace could easily afford.

When the bottle runs dry, I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford this particular type of memory regeneration, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the flowery goodness and the flashbacks of moments with my mom.