FKA Twigs Used to Sell Viktor & Rolf Perfume at a Department Store — Now She's the Face

The new scent, called Good Fortune, seems like kismet.

FKA Twigs Used to Sell Viktor & Rolf Perfume at a Department Store
Photo: Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf/ InStyle

One of the most magical things about fragrance is the feelings or memories it can evoke. Smell can often trigger nostalgia, bringing up something from our past or perhaps even provide a glimpse into the mysterious future. And Viktor & Rolf, the brand synonymous with bottling up iconic scents, played right into this by adding a new perfume to its arsenal with a brand ambassador who is providing a fresh take on a classic scent.

FKA Twigs has partnered with Viktor & Rolf to launch their new perfume, Good Fortune, and to be honest, the singer-songwriter is the perfect fit.

"It just felt like a world that I would easily be able to fit into," she says via Zoom. "I guess the spiritual aspect of the perfume and the idea that it's almost part of a ritual. And that it's about controlling your own world, but from the inside out. Controlling the world that's inside of you and then how that could spill out into our everyday lives."

Not only does the artist bring a whimsical edge to the new campaign, but she also has a history with the beloved brand. Twigs tells us that she worked with with the brand's fragrances while pulling retail shifts during her pre-performance days, making this a full circle moment. "Years ago I used to work in a department store and [sold] Flowerbomb. I've always found an affinity for the brand. Everything in life is kind of meant to be and you sort of follow the signs, do your best with everything that's thrown at you."

In terms of the scent story, Good Fortune follows in Flowerbomb's sensual footsteps with robust, enveloping layers of gentian and fennel on top, with sultry middle notes of jasmine, which happens to be Twigs's favorite. "It's this beautiful floral kiss," she shares. Madagascar vanilla rounds out the bottom, a subtle after-note that lingers long after.

"When it's that real nutty warm vanilla, I find it reminds me of a mother's milk. But it's sexy," Twigs says. "Natural vanilla is a very all-knowing note. There's something inherently very nurturing about it."

Even the packaging captures the perfume's mystical makeup. An enchanting purple liquid fills up a crystal ball-like glass with an amethyst lid on top, "the stone of well-being and intuition," adds Twigs. Along with the fragrance, the campaign also included a feature film directed by Andrew Thomas Huang with Twigs aptly starring as a hypnotic fortune teller.

When asked if partnering with such a distinguished brand was intimidating, Twigs shrugs before saying, "When something's authentic and when it feels real, people will connect with it, whether that's one person or a hundred million people. It kind of takes pressure away because you know it's real."

We couldn't agree more.

Good Fortune is available for purchase now. Prices start at $129 for a 1.7 ounce bottle.

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