Ellis Brooklyn's Newest Fragrance Is Summer In a Bottle

Mentally, I'm on whatever beach inspired this scent.

Ellis Brooklyn's Newest Scent Is Sunshine In a Bottle
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One of my hot takes is that I think beaches are overhyped. Let me explain: While I think crystal clear blue water is beautiful and the ocean breeze is soothing, I'm not a fan of getting sunburns no matter how much SPF I apply, the lingering smell of fish, and finding a free spot on the beach can be like circling in a parking lot a car leaves.

However, I love the idea of going to a beach: a carefree afternoon eating popsicles, reading books, and (safely) getting some vitamin D. That's why Ellis Brooklyn's Sun Fruit Eau de Parfum has quickly become my go-to scent heading into spring.

The fragrance evokes memories of tan lines and bare skin on the beach, and I love that it's inspired by an Emily Dickson poem on forbidden fruit. Sun Fruit includes notes of fresh fig, bergamot, handpicked jasmine, cyclamen, coconut, and vanilla, all of which are clean and sustainably sourced by the brand.

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit Eau de Parfum

To shop: $105; sephora.com

Not your average floral fragrance, Sun Fruit is underlyingly sensual and nostalgic due to its unassuming mix of sweet and creamy notes. I've found myself reaching for the neon green bottle on particularly cold and dreary days or stressful ones when I'll do anything to help me relax, but I also expect to continue wearing it all spring (and summer) long.

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While I may not live a life of leisure as I have bills to pay, mentally, life's a beach whenever (and wherever) I'm wearing this fragrance.

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