Who doesn't have a case of wanderlust right now?
Amalfi Coast Italy - Lead 2016
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These days, I find myself lamenting over the fact that I am not a member of the A-List. Why? Because in the summer, in particular, it seems like my Insta feed is inundated with pictures of Hollywood's royalty jet-setting around the world and going to the most divine places on the planet. It's silly, and I completely recognize that there are worse things in life than being in NYC, but I'm still a shade of lime green jello over anyone who gets to go on these extravagant vacays. Luckily for me, and by extension you, there's a brand that can take you away to Positano without you having to board a plane.

Now I can pretend I'm living in The Talented Mr. Ripley without the jet lag? Who's interested? This girl.

MIMI Mental Vacation Product - Embed 2016
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First of all, Eau D'Italie is the Hotel Sirenuse's signature scent. And if you haven't seen what this hotel looks like, google it.

It is so majestically beautiful, so you can just imagine how incredible it smells, too. And because Eau D'Italie is the signature scent of the much-lauded landmark hotel, naturally there are a number of spa products that you can indulge in. So even if you can't fly off to Positano in the next few days, you can still feel like you are there just by means of the heavenly smell of your beauty products. Trust me, my nose has been blessed with the scent before. It's good.

You can soak in a bath with Eau D'Italie Bath Soaps ($50; beautyfrontier.com), or make it an even bigger part of your day to day with the beyond gorgeous Eau D'Italie Hand Soap ($38; beautyfrontier.com).

MIMI Mental Vacation Product - Embed 2016
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And then there is the grand-daddy of glamour inspired by the Hollywood screen sirens who stayed at the Sirenuse in the golden age of yore. Think Sofia Loren, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor, leading the picture-perfect dolce vita life. Now imagine how amazing they probably smelled.

That's what Eau D'Italie's newest fragrance, Un Bateau Pour Capri ($160; beautyfrontier.com), smells like. More specifically, it's an intoxicating blend of notes like peony, freesia, peach, jasmine, rose, musk. The list goes on, but you get the picture. One spritz and you'll be transported to the deck of a yacht to sun yourself, decked out in the biggest sunglasses you could find, drinking rosé, and having your pick from a bevy of European suitors. Ain't life grand?