These Luxury Wall Diffusers Make My Home Smell Like My Favorite Fancy Candle

And I no longer fear that I'll set my home on fire.

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THE SPLURGE: These Luxury Wall Diffusers Make My Home Smell Like My Favorite, Fancy Candle
Diptyque/ InStyle

There are few things that can change my mood as quickly as fragrance does. Just one whiff of perfume can make me feel happier and more confident, and since every scent is different, I've created an entire fragrance wardrobe so I always have options.

However, despite switching up my perfume every other day, I have a very specific way I like every room in my home to smell. And look, I love a good candle just as much as the next person, but I have an irrational fear that one day I'll accidentally burn the place down.

My desire for a pleasant-smelling home is greater than my anxiety about an accidental fire, but it doesn't have to be. About a year ago, I discovered that Diptyque has electric wall diffusers that release some of its iconic scents — no fire in sight.

Lucky for me, it offers an insert cartridge of my favorite candle: Baies. (Seriously, I used to go through that candle faster than a bowl of popcorn.) That's one of nine scent offerings — it also has insert options for eight of its other iconic fragrances: Roses, Ambre, Mimosa, Figuer, Gingembre, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, and Fleur D'Oranger.

Electric Wall Diffuser

diptyque electric wall diffuser

Every insert lasts for three months after you open it as long as you close it correctly after using it. Alternatively, the brand says the scent lasts for 40 continuous hours, but I've found that each insert lasts way longer than that. And it's so easy to use. Simply remove the gold top and put in the insert. Once the top is closed, touch the vent to switch on the scent release. You'll see a tiny puff of air to confirm that it's on. Then, to turn it off, just tap the vent again.

Additionally, it frees up counter space as I don't need a candle to get my place smelling the way I like it to — it comes conveniently from an electric outlet. (As a New Yorker, space is luxury.) Of course, the fact that the diffuser is beautifully designed with gold detailing.

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Now, instead of going through candles at an Olympic pace, I go through Diptyque cartridges at a similar speed. Baies will forever be my go-to scent, but I've since added Ambre to the mix when I want to feel more cozy and grounded, and Roses is on regular rotation when I want to feel more feminine and flirty.

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