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In an ideal world, it’s always 5PM on Friday, subways are never delayed, and your fragrance always lasts the entire day. If you’re like me, the fragrance you spritzed on while you were getting ready in the morning wears off long before it’s time to start debating over what you’re going to order on Seamless for your desk lunch.

Yes, I could carry a bottle in my bag or keep one on my desk, but have you ever had to deal with leaking perfume in the bottom of your bag, or been the subject of an office-wide email on “co-workers scent sensitivities?” Enter Derek Lam 10 Crosby’s Perfume Sticks ($38 each; nordstrom.com). The fashion designer took the top five scents from his fragrance collection and gave them the solid treatment.

As someone who hates carrying perfume bottles around because I like all the contents of my bag to remain dry and fragrance-free, I’ve flirted with solid perfumes before. But, they’ve never become part of my daily routine because every formula I’ve tried has been greasy. Not to mention that solid scents come in a pot and are generally applied with your finger, and really, what are you supposed to do with the excess product that’s left on your finger tip after applying it to your pulse-points?

Along with their six hour staying powder, what sets Derek Lam’s solid fragrances apart is the fact that they’re well, sticks. The perfume glides on like your favorite lip balm, and they’re small enough to stash in your purse, gym bag, desk drawer, or wherever you think you'll need a fragrance. Each stick is formulated with raw ingredients so they pack the same potency as their liquid counterparts, and hydrating emollients like jojoba oil, which I like to think is the secret to how they absorb so quickly into skin. And while the scents are strong, they don't linger in the air after you applied them like traditional fragrances, something your desk-mate will be happy about.

My favorite? I have a major soft spot for Drunk on Youth, a blend of honeysuckle and crisp apple. The floral scent isn’t too heavy or two sweet, but the perfect middle ground that isn’t too heavy or sweet. It works now, and it will still feel fresh on humid summer days.

Bonus points are in order for the sticks’ sleek, minimalist packaging that is just begging to be ‘grammed.