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Christy Turlington Interview - LEAD
Credit: courtesy of calvin klein

Magic happens when Christy Turlington Burns and Calvin Klein team up for an Eternity fragrance ad. Who could forget that black and white pic where she’s cuddled up to her model S.O. and their gorgeous children? Or what about that one where she’s cheek-to-cheek with her husband Edward Burns? Swoon. Well, the supermodel legend is back yet again with another CK ad—and it is intense.

No really, Eternity Intense is its name, and it rings true in the steamy, passionate shot of Turlington and her husband lounging on the beach as the waves roll up and crash around them.

But while she’s been the face of so many fragrances, when we sat down with the supermodel and founder of Every Mother Counts, we wanted to know more about her very first scent memory and how her relationship with beauty has changed over time.

Christy Turlington Interview - Embed
Credit: courtesy of calvin klein

“Probably my mom’s Miss Dior, or one of those kind of things I remember on her bureau,” she said. "After that, I remember being really young and going to London for the first time and Penhaligon's was a parfumerie there. They had a little tiny boutique…. I remember going there and they had a violet scent that I loved because I used to love the flower. Violets were my favorite flower. As I matured, I started to try different kinds of things, I am mostly attracted to things like sandalwood and musk and some rose and lavender and more pure florals—really more earthy things like what the men’s fragrance has in it."

Another thing she discovered as she got older? Her love for running. Since founding Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit that supports maternal health across the world, she’s run six marathons for the cause and tries to do one every year. "It’s such a critical part of our communication about distance being a barrier for women to access health care,” she explained. “The fact that I sort of discovered something that I love in my 40s and that I’ve gotten better and faster, and that it’s so connected to the work I do and helps get other people involved and helps educate people, it’s kind of a win-win for everyone."

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She credits yoga, cross training, and strength training for helping her to stay healthy in preparing for marathons, in addition to Brooks running shoes.

"I try to do a bit of self-care like acupuncture," she says. "If I have any issue going on, I try to deal with it right away. I don’t let anything go or run through pain—that’s not worth it. I’d rather rest and do less of it and then go out again and usually you get through."

You can pick up a bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity Intense ($66; macys.com) now.