By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 17, 2017 @ 5:45 pm
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You could be allergic to fragrance—endless sneezes, watery eyes, and all—and Chris Hemsworth would still make you want to douse yourself in a bottle of cologne. In the best fragrance ambassador pick probably since forever, the Thor actor has been named the face of the BOSS BOTTLED TONIC’s Man of Today campaign.

"There’s a lightness to it,” Hemsworth told InStyle of the new scent. "There’s a versatility to it—where you can sort of wear it on multiple occasions. I don’t like anything too overpowering or sort of heavy, and this has a fresh, uplifting, summery kind of feel to it.”

The new scent uses a unique note compilation of crisp notes like apple, fresh citrus, earthy vetiver, and for the twist, ginger, to encompass the many facets of the Man of Today. So, if you will, this is what the Australian heartthrob/part-time superhero smells like, and you should consider buying the ice blue glass bottle in bulk. TBH, we had the perfume tester stuck to our nose for about three hours.

But this isn’t the only smell Hemsworth waxes poetic about. He wrote us a straight-up sonnet that Shakespeare would be proud of when he talked about his first scent memory.

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"I think the most iconic or vivid scent memory is either like eucalyptus trees, or gum leaves in Australia in the summertime,” he told InStyle. "The hot Bushland air you can feel, and as it gets hotter, the Bushland starts to dry out, the leaves crack and the eucalyptus leaves, and that smell is just so thick through the Bushland. It’s beautiful.”

Just like you, the actor, who happens to be an avid surfer, also grows nostalgic over the type of summery, beachy, and tropical scents you’d describe as vacation-in-a-bottle.

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"And then, like surfboard wax and coconuts and sunscreen and so on from surfing as a kid,” he continued. "Things like that take me straight back to when I was younger and when I was learning to surf with my dad and my brothers. Some of my happiest memories.”

Can we bind these quotes and make a poetry book? This stuff is begging to be recited.