5 Powerful Perfumes For the Ambitious Capricorn, Recommended By an Astrologer

Note: Stay clear of super-fruity scents.

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Scent is such a personal matter, so when looking for your signature perfume there are several things you should take into account. Look at your lifestyle, budget, and play with a few fragrances to narrow down your options. And of course, you should also look to the stars.

Your zodiac sign isn't just for fun weekend horoscopes — it can indicate key parts about your personality and scent preferences, too.

For Capricorn season, we tapped astrologer and author Lisa Stardust on what types of perfumes this ambitious earth sign is drawn to.

"They like spicy and wood scents," she says. "The reason being is that they're born when Yule begins, hence the need for a heavier scented perfume with a little kick."

They like to have a signature scent that stands the test of time, and Stardust says that when they pick a perfume, it's to last them a lifetime. So, if you were born between December 22 and January 19 and are looking to revamp your fragrance wardrobe, or are shopping for someone who is, read ahead.

Best Floral Perfume for Capricorns:

Rose Amber Perfume

To shop: $85, sephora.com

Stardust says that the best type of floral fragrance for Caps will be one with an unexpected bite, such as this clean perfume. The duality of rose and amber is both surprising and each other's perfect complement, and the added notes of cinnamon, sandalwood, and vanilla warm the scent up even more.

Best Woodsy Perfume for Capricorns:

Tom Ford Oud Wood

To shop: $270, sephora.com

Since Caps are earth signs, Stardust says they love woodsy scents. "Anything with patchouli, pepper, or sandalwood," she adds. "Something to warm the body up in winter, like Oud Wood by Tom Ford."

Best Fruity Perfume for Capricorns:

Clinique Calyx

To shop: $60, sephora.com

While Stardust says the sea goats of the zodiac don't generally gravitate toward super-fruity scents, she says that grapefruit-smelling ones are the exception. This Clinique cult classic is the perfect example of a Cap-friendly pick. Notes of grapefruit, passion fruit, neroli, sandalwood, and vetiver create a fresh and exciting cocktail for the senses that's both energizing and bold.

Best Warm Perfume for Capricorns:

Replica Whispers in the Library

To shop: $135, maisonmargiela-fragrances.us

Perfumes that make you feel as though you're in a study escaping the winter air, such as fragrances with clove, wood, sage, and tobacco, will be a hit for the driven Cap, according to Stardust. This perfume, aptly called "Whispers in the Library," is perfect for them. It has a blend of cedarwood, pepper essence, vanilla, and cedar that replicate the smells of old books and wood wax.

Best Fresh Perfume for Capricorns:

The Nue Co Forest Lungs

To shop: $95, nordstrom.com

For Capricorns looking for a scent that feels like a breath of fresh air, this is it. Stardusts says to look for fragrances that smell of fresh-cut grass, forestry essences, and the woods. This cutting-edge perfume does that with its unique formula that uses olfactory chemistry and patented technology to create an anti-stress scent that smells like a mix of wood and smoke with a hint of tart citrus and clean resin. Say ahhhhhhh.

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