Home Scent Machine Lead
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If you are a person who has suffered from mild to moderate anxiety in your life, then you, like me, have likely left the house and fallen into a panic swiftly thereafter because you are convinced you accidentally left a candle burning. This would actually be nice, for ambiance reasons, except for that whole "I might have burned my house down" thing. A small price to pay for returning to a living room that is delightfully scented to your tastes. No? OK, I guess there is still some reason left in the world.

Anyway, I don't like to come home to an apartment that smells like stale air. God forbid I make last minute plans and invite someone over after I've been out all day and can't remember if I have taken out the garbage... Nobody needs to suffer the indignity of being embarrassed because their place of habitation reeks of stagnant air and maybe day old broccoli in the bin.

But, in the face of life's frustrating small moments, technology is here to help—and it's definitely more high tech than fragrance reeds.

Aera ($189; is a device that you can control remotely by an app on your phone. You can go about your day and adjust the fragrance being diffused through a patented system that effectively disperses it throughout at various strengths. You can turn it on or up when you know you are bringing an unexpected guest over. You'll get even and uniform distribution throughout your space.

I have found that coming home to my pleasantly scented apartment each night quite therapeutic. I mean, who doesn't want to be greeted by the subtle mix of pink grapefruit, green florals, and amber?

There are also so many scents to choose from. You could literally curate how each room in your home smells between the eight signature scents available. The best part is the machine really does work, and you get the ease of controlling it along with the rest of your life, by using your phone.

Technology, man.