According to Shoppers, This $22 Eye Cream Fades Circles in a Week — and It's on Sale for 'InStyle' Readers

It makes people wake up “brand new, [with] zero puffiness and looking younger.”

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This $22 Eye Cream Fades Circles In a Week
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The machinations of Amazon are complex and mysterious. Who's to say if it's a sudden surge in TikTok interest that causes a product's sales to spike 832,340 percent, or if some seller on another continent merely learned to game the algorithm? Much to think about. But when an eye cream sells out time and again, it's safe to say shoppers love the stuff — and that's just the case for Fleur and Bee's Eyes Eyes Baby.

Of all the skincare products to keep an eye on (no pun intended), the eye cream is one of those that frequently sells out, especially around high-adrenaline shopping holidays like Labor Day and Black Friday. So this year — perhaps in a nod to how intense holiday shopping will be due to shipping delays — the brand is offering InStyle readers a special code for 40 percent off the eye cream from October 28 through November 5.

Which is great news, because according to a majority of Amazon reviewers, the normally-$22 eye cream is worth its weight in gold. And for $13? That's a great deal. "I've been using it for five months and it is, hands down, the best skincare product I've ever used," wrote one person. "It's reduced the appearance of wrinkles, plumping up the skin and leaving it soft and glowing. I wish this product had been available 50 years ago when I first began using skin care products."

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Another commenter wrote that they saw "results fast, and you feel it working immediately," effects that stem from the formula's smart makeup. It uses glycerin, organic sunflower seed oil, squalane, centella asiatic, and vitamin E to hydrate; niacinamide to lighten dark circles; and two peptides to increase collagen production. Then, in comes caffeine and horsetail extract to tighten puffiness, and organic green tea extract to add antioxidants' wrinkle protection.

That all-star team means shoppers see fine lines around their eyes disappearing in a week, even for people in their 40s with fine lines who say they'd "practically given up on trying to look younger...until I found this." And those with sensitive eyes and skin confirm the formula does no wrong, an important aspect for anything touching your delicate orbital skin. Another wrote, "My eye bags seem less puffy, and my crow's feet softer and smoother. I have only used it for a week, but I really love this eye cream."

Speaking to the eye baggage angle, a customer said, "This product worked almost instantly! I put it on to go to sleep and woke up brand new, [with] zero puffiness and looking younger." The same sensational results extend to dark circles, including ones immune to dozens of other eye creams. "I found the cure for my under eye circles," wrote a fan. "After about three days of using it once in the morning and once at night, my eyes look a decade younger."

Others see even faster results, writing that overnight their circles and puffy under-eyes shrank immensely from a few dabs. Strong words for a strong product. Get in on the happy outcomes with the code INSTYLE40 until November 5.

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