Now we have no excuse to scrimp on SPF...

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, girls sunbathing on Ipanema Beach.
Credit: Romano Cagnoni

We've all heard it before, but SPF is a non-negotiable. And until recently, it seemed there was only on way to protect oneself from harmful rays. But, this summer, we are all about to have more than one traditional means to covering our tushies from dangerous sun exposure.

Remember when we told you about the ingenious cleanser that gives you the ability to wash your SPF on? Well, we are about to blow your minds again. And that's a good thing because statistically, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime — with 90 percent of that resulting from over-exposure to the sun. It's scary stuff, but we have yet another weapon to protect ourselves: Meet the Osmosis Harmonized H2o UV Neturalizer.

That's right. Its sun protection, that you drink. AKA, those of you who forget to apply your sunscreen may really love these. What do they do exactly? We were wondering the same thing. Essentially the two waters work to enhance your body's defenses to UV rays and protect your skin from burning.

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Better still? They allow for 30x more sun exposure than normal, and they DON'T WASH OFF WHEN YOU GO SWIMMING.

The founder of Osmosis Skincare, Dr. Ben Johnson MD, advised us that some of the benefits of the UV neutralizers is that it protects overlooked areas like your eyes and your scalp. Better still, Dr. Johnson explained that unlike chemical sunscreens, the UV protection waters do not exacerbate inflammation in the skin.

Into it? Us too. Dr. Johnson's advice for us: "It can be sweat out, so make sure to use alternative protection if sweating or doing strenuous exercise in the sun." We'll keep that in our back pocket, and we're sure you will too.

The Osmosis Harmonized H20 UV Neutralizer is available at ($30;