Find Your Perfect Haircut

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Find Your Perfect Haircut

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Emma Watson's Chic Boy Cut

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Keep It Straight

Pixie cuts are most flattering on fine to medium-thick hair that's straight, like Emma Watson's. "If your hair is coarse and curly, you can go short, but when you perspire or it's humid, it can shrink up into a ball shape," says stylist Kattia Solano of N.Y.C.'s Butterfly Studio.

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Michelle Williams's Neo Pixie

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The recent rash of shocking celebrity cuts have you rethinking your own do? Before you take to the shears or let it all grow out make sure the style suits you: Consider your face shape, hair type and personality when looking for a length you'll love.

Michelle Williams's Neo Pixie

Frequent Cuts but Effortless Style This is for people who have time for haircuts, but hate blow-drying. You could need a trim as often as every four weeks, but the day-to-day maintenance of a short crop is minimal (think wash-and-wear). For a recent event, hairstylist Peter Gray just rubbed some hair oil into Michelle Williams's roots for volume and separation, then ruffled the hair a bit.

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Halle Berry's High Crop

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Round About

People with round faces and petite features will find this most flattering. Cropped hair exaggerates an angular face, so a softer shape like Halle Berry's is ideal.

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Cate Blanchett's Rounded Bob

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Stylish but No-Nonsense

You don't hide behind your hair; like Cate Blanchett, you want to wear the style, not have it wear you.

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Jennifer Aniston's Layered Bob

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The Classic Cut

Truth be told, you like playing it safe. But Jennifer Aniston's cut has enough length to experiment with different styles.

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Keira Knightley's Uneven Bob

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The Universal

More than any other length, this works for all face shapes. If you have a square or angularone like Keira Knightley, layers all over help soften it. Round or oval? Try a blunt cut, says hairstylist Ted Gibson.

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Thandie Newton's Big Curve

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Volume Control

If you have thick hair like Thandie Newton, you can still pull off this length. But it will require some pouf management, especially if it's curly and all one length. If you have thick, wavy hair, make sure you get plenty of layers (and invest in a good flatiron).

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Reese Witherspoon's Deep Side Lob

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Serious Styling

Most mid-length cuts require some styling (in the neighborhood of 15 minutes) to look their best. To maintain a look like Reese Witherspoon's, give strands a quick blow-dry, a dab of glossing cream, and some serum to seal the ends.

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Jennifer Lopez's Face Framer

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The Girlie-Girl

You don't mind spending 45 minutes to an hour blow-drying your hair (or having someone else do it). And you love nothing more than relaxing with a hair mask. The longer (and older) hair gets, the drier it becomes, so to keep the Jennifer Lopez-esque shine in your layers, you may also want to apply a moisturizing serum before drying.

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Hilary Duff's Big Bang Style

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Short Story

This isn't for people who have long faces. Hilary Duff's cut flatters most face shapes, but it can drag down an oblong one if it's grown out to Rapunzel-like proportions or worn poker-straight.

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Jennifer Hudson's Soft Waves

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Thick of It

People with natural volume and medium-to-thick strands like Jennifer Hudson's work best with this length. "Fine hair gets limp if it's too long," says hairstylist David Babaii, so it's good to have some heft or wave.

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Kate Hudson's Neo-Cher

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It's Part of Your Style

You feel naked without long hair-and you enjoy all the compliments you get about it. Like Kate Hudson, you love wearing it down, yet you also have fun doing soft braids and intricate updos. If you had to describe your look in a nutshell? Sexy-and unabashedly glamorous.

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