Amazon's Best-Selling Laser Hair Removal Device Is Under $70 for Amazon Prime Day

Time to bid your razor farewell.

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Over 2,500 Shoppers Swear By This Laser Hair Removal Device, and It's Under $70 for Prime Day
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If you prefer to remove your body hair, you can take multiple paths to reach your destination. Shaving is straightforward and budget-friendly, but it requires consistent upkeep. Waxing is far more thorough, but it can come at a higher cost, not to mention a higher pain tolerance. You might consider laser hair removal as a more permanent solution, but in-salon treatments can be cost-prohibitive. Luckily, with the right device, you can laser off unwanted body hair right at home — and now, Amazon's best-selling laser hair removal device is under $70 thanks to a Prime Day sale.

"Laser hair removal is a procedure in which a beam of light is used to destroy the root of the hair follicle to permanently prevent the hair from growing back," NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner previously explained to InStyle. Fasbury's device uses intense pulsed light technology (IPL) to eliminate unwanted hair. A device that's approved for at-home use won't be as strong as a machine that would be used in a salon or a dermatologist's office (for safety reasons!), but it can still deliver semi-permanent results — you might need to do touch-ups periodically, but far less than you would with, say, waxing.

Because IPL devices target the pigment in hair, they're most effective on people with lighter skin and darker hair — they won't pick up on blonde hair, and they can result in inflammation or hyperpigmentation when used on darker skin tones.

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Over 2,500 Amazon shoppers have given Fasbury's IPL device a five-star rating, and many reviewers testify to the results it delivers. "I've been using this on my armpits, bikini line, toes, and face," said one. "I'm very surprised. On my bikini line, my hair is usually thick and grows quickly (I'm talking I shave one day and the next day it's five o'clock shadow down there). I can now go several days without shaving and it will just be barely starting to grow back at that point."

The Fasbury IPL has five different energy levels, and reviewers recommend starting at the lowest intensity and working your way up. It's best to patch-test a less sensitive area (like your calf) before using it on your face, bikini area, and other tender spots.

"I have noticed a drastic difference in slowing down hair growth," another reviewer said. "I see bald patches on my legs. It feels so nice to be smoother. My bikini area was also a problem and that hair is so thick but surprisingly, the growth is also way smoother. [The device] does get hot but I feel like that should be kind of expected. Not painful at all. Just a little pinch sometimes."

To cut down on the time you spend shaving, this top-rated device is worth trying — and thanks to its Prime Day discount, you can get it for $35 off its normal price.

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