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Updated Nov 12, 2018 @ 9:00 am
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Since Teresa Tarmey opened her new Manhattan skin-care clinic this past summer, beauty gurus have been jockeying to score an appointment. Not only are they eager to experience her famed customized facials, they also want to try her Instagram-worthy Ballancer Pro (above), a type of compression bodysuit that works to boost the lymphatic system. “No one else has it in New York at the moment,” she says. “It’s great to do post-flight or pre-party. You can really see a difference.”

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Credit: Courtesy Teresa Tarmey

Tarmey's New York studio

Ten years ago in London, Tarmey trained with doctors and skin-care experts while trying to remedy her own acne. “I treated a lot of my scarring and figured out what works.” She opened a studio in Kensington about two years ago and has built a reputation for perfecting the complexions of stars like Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne with an all-inclusive approach: “I have a [set] price and do what I can for that individual.” That means you could get a treatment with acid serums to brighten, lasers to zap redness, or micro-needling to address scars—and choose to do it all while enjoying a lymphatic massage in her fancy pants. “Everyone leaves with results.”

Tarmey's fan club includes Poppy Delevingne, Michelle Williams, and Sienna Miller
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Tarmey's fan club includes Poppy Delevingne, Michelle Williams, and Sienna Miller

Can’t get an appointment? Here’s the next-best thing: Tarmey has created sophisticated at-home tools inspired by her in-office practices, like her cryotherapy kit, which includes an icy sphere to tone your face. “It’s good for depuffing. You can get the cheekbones showing again.” Her 12-week Programme packs products and a Dermaroller (a tool that stimulates skin to help products penetrate).

But if you’re going to invest money in her gadgets, you need to invest time as well. “It’s like going to the gym—you don’t usually go just twice a year. Don’t rush the process.”

Get Her Signature Look

Step 1: “Lactic acid is really good for brightening the skin. You’ll find it in both of my kits. I include it in every single facial.”

Courtesy Teresa Tarmey

Step 2: For her red-carpet facials, Tarmey uses her cryotherapy ball to get a more lifted, sculpted look.

Courtesy Teresa Tarmey

Step 3: After a treatment with the Cryo-Ball, Tarmey likes to add this light serum. “It soaks in but still leaves skin glowing,” she says.

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