Facial-ates: It's Like Pilates, But For Your Face

Facial Lead
Photo: Getty Images

Just like an intense pilates session will (eventually) leave you with a tighter, more toned physique, facialates, a new treatment developed by master facialist Stalina Glot of New York City's Haven Spa, was designed with a similar effect for your skin in mind. Consider it a happy medium between a deep-tissue massage, and an enzyme peel. The treatment begins with the application of fruit enzyme-based treatments, which are activated by rotating cool and warm compresses, with some intense muscle work in between. "I started to research how pilates stretches your muscles, and began developing similar actions for the face," she explains. "This helps with lymphatic drainage, reduced puffiness, and the strengthening of muscles that have gotten 'sleepy.'" With motions ranging from intense strokes that mold and contour your jawline, to swift movements that mimic one of the five The OA used in attempts to reach an alternate dimension, Glot pulls your muscles in an upward motion to create an instant lifted appearance, and reactivate those that have been dormant for some time.

"It's sort of like I'm a sculptor, and you're the clay," she explains, triggering visions of Demi Moore in Ghost for the rest of us. "I work with my hands to mold and twist your muscles so that they remain structured, and start working again." The muscles around the jaw and neck area in particular need extra attention, as they tend to be inactive, which can ultimately lead to that "crepey skin" appearance. The treatment works for both young and mature skin alike, and immediately following the treatment, you'll walk out with a tighter, glowier appearance. In the three days that follow, you'll feel the muscles getting tighter—no need to load up on the moisturizer, that just means the facial is working. "People leave in a relaxed state, but I've had some clients look in the mirror immediately after and say, 'Where are my wrinkles? Where are my expression lines?'" she adds. Suffice it to say, our belief is as firm as we hope our skin will be following the hour-long session.

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