This Exfoliating Cleanser Gives Shoppers “Instant Glowy Skin”
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This Exfoliating Cleanser Gives Shoppers "Instant Glowy Skin," and We Have an Exclusive Discount

A face wash people “cannot be without” at a price you can’t pass up.

Many skincare products come with the promise of an "instant glow," but not all necessarily deliver. In truth, the trick to glowing skin that looks lit from within is part self-care (think rest and eight glasses of water a day), part skincare routine with just the right amount of exfoliation.  

First, a word on proper facial exfoliation. Physical exfoliants (the kinds that feel sandy or gritty) can be a bit harsh on facial skin, particularly around the eyes. Chemical exfoliants, on the other hand, offer skin-boosting benefits by way of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids. Typically, you apply chemical exfoliants after you cleanse, but with Facetheory's wildly popular Clarifying Cleanser C2, the exfoliation is built into the formula, so you can get your brightest, glowing skin right as you cleanse. And right now, you can get the cleanser for 20 percent off using InStyle's exclusive code: INSTYLE20

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The Clarifying Cleanser C2 is formulated for oily and congested skin with a powerful triple blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that resurface as they cleanse. Specifically, the cleanser has 4 percent glycolic acid, 1 percent lactic acid, and 2 percent salicylic acid — the latter of which helps combat acne and clogged pores. It's paraben and silicone free, and is available in scented and unscented options (the scented option contains cold-pressed mandarin oil). Because the formula is so concentrated with active ingredients, you only need a tiny amount per use. In fact, Facetheory says their 180-milliliter bottle lasts people two full months.  

Facetheory's cleanser has over 5,000 five-star reviews, and users love how quickly it calms their skin without irritating it in the process. 

"This is honestly the best cleanser I have ever used," one five-star reviewer said. "I have congested, combination skin and [am] prone to breakouts, and this has calmed and smoothed my skin. I cannot be without this cleanser."

Another shopper confirmed it's the one cleanser they keep in rotation, as it offers actual results. 

"This is the only cleanser that helps keep my skin clear," one said, "and I love that it also hydrates and balances my skin. I never feel too dry or oily. This nourishes and heals my skin; I absolutely love it! I think I'm on my fourth jar."

If you're looking to give your skin the gift of glow, shop Facetheory's Clarifying Cleanser C2 now for 20 percent off using the exclusive INSTYLE20 code. Your skin (and your wallet) will end up shining.