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Victoria Beckham attends the screening of "Cafe Society" at the opening gala of the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival.
Credit: Tony Barson/Getty Images

OK, so we'd take beauty advice from a lot of celebs, but if Victoria Beckham ever wanted to give us a tip or two, we'd listen up. We'd also be willing to help her clean out her closet... you know, if she needs to get rid of any dresses or shoes.

Anyway, the former Spice Girl (yeah, she'll always be Posh to us) was kind enough to share with the world one of her personal glowing and healthy skin secrets.

Now, thanks to one of her Instagram posts, we know what it is exactly that she uses to maintain her flawless complexion— Estée Lauder's PowerFoil Mask. It's a foil-backed sheet mask that helps lock in moisture while allowing its repair ingredients penetrate skin faster.

Umm, and if you were wondering what Victoria Beckham looks like when her face is covered in foil, there you go:

Somehow she still manages to look chic. Go figure.