By Heather Muir
Updated Aug 12, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
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Eyebrow Extensions Changes My Life
Credit: Art by Elysia Berman

I vividly remember the moment while eating lunch at a restaurant with my family when my little brother pointed across the table and laughed, "Heather has a mustache."

I was mortified (yes, I shed a few tears; yes, Mike and I have since made up). I've always embraced the dark, wavy, semi-exotic hair on my head, but dealing with the upper lip fuzz that comes along with it has been an uphill battle. So I tried every smelly depilatory cream the drugstore had to offer (my skin would burn and I'd still have stubble after wiping off the cream, ugh). Then I moved on to getting my lip waxed at my local nail salon. Ouch. When I moved to New York, I graduated to threading. Double ouch. The trouble was, the treatments that actually removed the hair also resulted in bumps (so instead of having fuzz, I got the unattractive combo of hair and acne—woof). I even winced through a few laser hair removal treatments, where the woman administering the laser advised me to press my tongue up against the inside of my mouth, following her movements to lessen the pain (it really did help). But, it turns out, getting to the dermatologist's office on the Upper East Side once a month wasn't entirely realistic.

Then, I came across a video of a blogger reviewing the Tinkle—yes, you read it correctly—that's its name. I called one in to try and the rest is hair removal history. What it is: A slim, long-handled, candy-colored facial razor that's not embarrassing when seen sticking out of a cup on your bathroom counter. To use, simply make downward strokes on dry skin (move in the direction of hair growth). You'll actually hear the tiny hairs being shaved off (and you can seem them on the razor). Not only can you do it at home (or literally anywhere—I do it at my desk, on a plane, etc.), but it takes less than 20 seconds. You're left with smooth skin and no unsightly side effects. It doesn't make your hair grow back any different (true story) and results last a week or so. The concept of shaving your face (yes, it's known as a dude thing) sounds weird at first, but it results in zero pain, there's no appointment necessary, and after asking a few hair removal experts who claim other treatments can actually stimulate hair growth (OMG), it's one of the best, easiest, and fastest ways to treat unwanted hair. It also does the trick on rogue cheek, chin, and brow hairs. Bottom line: It has quickly become the most requested tool in my office.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, 3 for $5;