This Just-Launched Primer Blurs Fine Lines and Pores So Well, It Makes My Skin Look Airbrushed

The Instant Pore Perfector is Peace Out Skincare’s newest addition.

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Peace Out Skincare Pore Perfecting Primer Launch
Photo: Peace Out Skincare

I used to think of primers as a limited-use product, its application contingent on whether or not foundation was going to be layered on top. But primers have developed beyond simply being spackle that extends the hold and wear of your makeup.

Nowadays, primers are innovative formulas with skincare ingredients that work so well at blurring imperfections, makeup becomes moot. Such is the case with Peace Out's new Instant Pore Perfector Primer. The latest launch in the acne-fighting and anti-aging brand's beloved repertoire is a hybrid skincare-makeup, pore-minimizing primer that I have been experimenting with for a month since being gifted it by the brand.

Peace Out's Primer is formulated with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide,and mushroom, and malic acids. The former is known for reducing wrinkles, plumping, and hydrating, while niacinamide addresses large pores and uneven pigmentation. Mushroom extract reduces redness, but it's also astringent and prevents skin from looking greasy — which also keeps pores small. Lastly, malic acid smoothes out uneven texture while combating signs of aging, like fine lines.

Peace Out Instant Pore Perfector

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There are instant effects, but because of the abundance of skincare ingredients, they're longterm benefits, too. My oily complexion is the bane of my existence because aside from leaving me looking greasy, it also contributes to my ever-persistent adult acne. After applying a thin layer of Instant Pore Perfector to my face, my skin looked matte — almost like I had used a setting powder.

I then applied my makeup and let it sit for an hour before checking back in on my reflection. While I did apply Instant Pore Perfector all over my face, onklymy oily T-zone is the area that benefited from this — it looked oil-free, which in turn, stopped drawing light to my pores. The primer also prevented my makeup from sinking into my imperfections, which kept my complexion looking smooth. The non-oily, non-afflicted parts of my face did not seem to benefit from the Instant Pore Perfector; while my makeup looked good and lasted, it didn't seem to do anything special for those areas of my face, like my cheeks.

Lastly, this tube strikes me as being somewhat small. That being said, however, I use a spot treating technique with this primer, rather than all over one, which I believe will last me at least a few months. All in all, Peace Out's Instant Pore Perfector Primer makes my skin smooth to the touch, eliminates oiliness, and blurs the appearance of my pores — all of which lend to an airbrushed effect with or without makeup. Head to Peace Out to try the primer for yourself.

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