I Test Hundreds of Beauty Products a Month, and This On-Sale Face Powder Blurs My Complexion Like No Other

The non-cakey powder is from a Kate Middleton-approved brand.

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I Test Hundreds of Beauty Products a Month, and This On-Sale Face Powder Blurs My Complexion Like No Other
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As a person with a perpetually oily complexion, I have long been advised to stick to powder-based cosmetic formulas. A good powder will absorb excess oil and keep your complexion sheen-free, all while setting your makeup in place. My problem, however, is that my textural preference is for cream and liquid makeup products — and in fact, my daily routine has been completely void of a single powder until I recently met Biotulin's Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder.

There are a couple reasons I prefer cream and liquid makeup products. First, it seems that there is greater product variety in the cream and liquid space. Second, my preferred makeup aesthetic is a lived-in and natural look. Keeping my complexion dewy, oil-free, and set in place throughout the day is easier said than done — but Biotulin's powder was up to the task.

Biotulin is an under-the-radar brand that has supposedly graced the beauty cabinets of icons like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. So when the Hydrolon Magic Powder made its way to my desk, I applied it almost immediately using the powder puff enclosed in the packaging.

BIOTULIN Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder

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I gently pressed the puff to all the areas of my face that looked oily — my forehead, nose, and upper lip. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much; I've tested enough beauty products to know that they can be pretty hit or miss. So when I saw my complexion after my first use, I was pleasantly surprised.

My skin looked softly diffused; it wasn't completely matte or two-dimensional. The light colored powder didn't leave a cast on my face; it settled in seamlessly and enhanced the radiance of my complexion.

By the end of the day, my makeup also looked untouched. You couldn't tell that I had spent 15 minutes on a humid subway platform or that I was dripped on by mystery water from a random AC unit.

I haven't fully converted to powder makeup products by any means, but I feel that I can get the best of both worlds by applying Biotulin's Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder over my face in strategic areas. Head to Amazon if you're intrigued by the brand reportedly used by Kate Middleton.

BIOTULIN Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder Side-by-side
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