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Map My Beauty and Sephora have teamed up to bring you the Pocket Contour, a virtual makeup tutorial that is the first of it's kind. The class can be accessed on mobile and is nothing short of amazing. As a beauty editor, I've Googled, Youtubed, and Googled some more, when doing story research. What I've discovered is that while every person has their own special approach, so how you contour should really be customized to your face shape.

Enter Pocket Contour. After instructing you how to take the perfect selfie, the cutting edge technology determines your face shape for you before recommending products, and instructing you how to use them. The step-by-step process is painless and easy to follow along. It shows you where to highlight, what shade to use, and how to contour, right on your own face.

Now for a game of bad news, good news, even better news. We'll do the bad news first. The class, accessible solely on mobile, is only available until June 1. Which means you have a limited time to get in on this free, customized contour tutorial. Good news: Once you go through the process, you can have the steps sent to you in a neat infographic like below. Better news? The Pocket Contour is just a pilot, but it's an exciting precursor of what's to come. Later this year, Map My Beauty will be releasing an actual app that will span across multiple brands and offer tutorials for the face and eye.

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Credit: Courtesy of Map My Beauty