No more lookin’ like the Cryptkeeper.
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This weird tool could help get rid of your under-eye circles
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There’s a scene from the movie Freaky Friday that plays in my head every morning. Jamie Lee Curtis, acting as if her teenage daughter, Lindsay Lohan, has taken over her body, looks into the mirror and screams, “Oh, I’m like the Cryptkeeper!” Unfortunately, I relate to this scene not because I’m an award-winning actress whose versatile catalog includes iconic horror and comedy films, but because every morning my under-eye bags take over my face and leave me looking like a Scooby Doo monster. The joys of being a woman.

If you’re anything like me, you do all that you can to not look like a cartoon monster, but some days are worse than others. Which is why I constantly scour the internet to find products and gadgets that can minimize under-eye bags and dark circles. Leave it to Amazon shoppers to find weird, miniature-maraca-looking tools that they say can do just that.

They’re called Allegra Baby Magic Globes, and, no, it’s not because they’re made for infants. If you’ve ever had a professional facial, you might have already been introduced to them. The globes are small glass utensils with round heads designed to rub against your face and provide soothing stimulation. Estheticians often use this type of tool when applying serums to help skin absorption while also exercising facial tissues.

The globes are meant to be chilled prior to use (you can stick them in the freezer for a few minutes, or keep them in a skincare refrigerator if that’s more your style). The cooling sensation de-puffs while the motion increases circulation for your skin. Using the globes can help improve circulation and tighten your skin all at once (tighter skin means less fine lines, people!).

Fans of these globes have called them “genius,” saying that they’re the product to combat puffy eyes. Another plus? They can help you calm acne flare ups, too. “Really love these for under-eye puffiness or taking down the swelling in acne,” wrote one reviewer.

Unlike at-home peels or dermaplaning devices, these globes aren’t intimidating to use. You simply cool them and gently rub them around whatever area of your face you want. Great for combatting swelling, the globes can also provide relief to any aches and pains you’re experiencing. Imagine rubbing a cold sphere on your temples during a headache. You can practically feel the relief already.

Shop the skincare hack keeping fine lines, acne flares — and the Cryptkeeper — away from your mirror, on Amazon.

Allegra Baby Magic Globes for Redness Soothing
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