Credit: Getty Images

Just try not to be completely mesmerized by this video of 1950s cinema queen Elizabeth Taylor applying her eye shadow. The video starts after her right eye has been made up, but you get to watch her work on her left eye.

She starts by using a fluffy crease brush to apply a smoky shadow along the socket line, and she does so with such ease and perfection that you can't help but sigh and admire. She then goes back in to blend what looks like a pale, powdery blue eye shadow into the crease. Next, she liberally sweeps the same smoky eye shadow along her lower lash line, looking dead ahead into the mirror, pulling the line out and upward to create some drama. You can practically feel her fierceness and confidence oozing through the screen.

She finishes by sliding on a pair of amber-tinted sunglasses, still looking straight into the mirror, admiring her work.

"It's interesting how she understood the mechanics and the effects of her efforts," writes one commenter. "She knew what to look for and how to achieve it, plus she made sure she got what she was everything else in her life....a smart and self-assured gal." #goals