Who has patience for a wonky line? 

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Fine Eyeliner - Lead
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Some days you just want a sleek swish of liner on your eyes. Nothing thick or dramatic, or super wide for that matter. Just razor sharp definition. That, however, is very to come by. Like, very hard to come by. Trust me, I have done the legwork. There's nothing more frustrating than attempting to define your eyes with some clean, inky liquid liner and then having it end up too wide and sloppy.

But the search for a liquid eyeliner pen that doesn't disappoint is pretty much over for me, and I'm ready to share my secrets. Because really, no one should go through the pain that is removing eyeliner and starting from scratch. It's called the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water Resistant Longwear Liquid Liner ($22; sephora.com), and it's honestly one of their most genius designs.

I know, I know... The Naked Palette is cult status, but this comes in at a close second. Trust me.

Fine Eyeliner - Embed
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It comes in so many amazing shades that ROY-G BIV would be overwhelmed. Then there's the fact that they are waterproof. To get that point across, you should know that Victoria has swam more than a few laps with this gem on without it moving. That's something.

However, what I really love about this liner is the precision brush. It's like putting liner on with a laser. You can get in super tight to your lash line, and the line will be thin and crisp. There's nothing messy about it, which has made me thrilled to put it on for the last few weeks. You HAVE try it out for yourself, if only because it's the perfectionist's dream.