Smokey Eye - Lead 2016
Credit: Getty

As we all know too well, getting the perfect smudgy eyeliner is an art. Getting it to look intentional but not too perfect or too messy (there's a fine line) takes A LOT of practice. My eyeliner envy reached new heights backstage at the Libertine Show at NYFW, where lead makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes created a dramatic winged liner that was complete with the most epic smudged lower lash line EVER.

I had to know, for those of us who maybe aren't professional makeup artists or don't have as well practiced hands, how do we get that liner look we so adore? Turns out, it's doing something that's completely counter-intuitive to your regular makeup routine.

"Line your lower lash line and water line with your kohl liner and then hop in the shower," Katie explained. "That will melt the liner and give you the smudged look. When you get out, finish your makeup."

Yep, you read that correctly. You get in the shower. Like any normal person, I normally get in the shower to bathe and then I proceed to prep my face for makeup, but the extra steam will apparently give you that smudge you're dying for.

Does it get any more rock and roll cool girl than that? I think not. So the next time you want a little edge and grit to your makeup, hop in the shower mid-making-up. So glam and so easy, which makes us love it even more.